If you have questions or concerns regarding stormwater, please call the City's 311 information line.

Stormwater Quality Management

To comply with amendments to the Clean Water Act, many small urban communities, including University Park, must take additional steps to protect waterways from polluted runoff to reduce the discharge of pollutants to the "maximum extent practicable."

City's Stormwater Management Plan

The City has produced a Stormwater Management Plan outlining the measures it will develop and implement over the next five years. These steps include methods to find and eliminate illicit discharges, modifying municipal operations that could lead to the discharge of pollutants, enforcement of construction and post-construction site erosion and runoff controls, and increasing public awareness.

Stormwater Quality Management for Residents

The term "stormwater" refers to rainwater. Rainwater flows down storm drains and empties into creeks, streams, rivers, and lakes. Unlike wastewater, it is untreated and can carry pollutants, sediments, trash, and pet waste directly to these waterways.

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Stormwater Utility Fee

The stormwater utility fee generates revenue to fund the City's stormwater management program. The program describes specific actions needed to manage stormwater quality and quantity in the city. The City developed the stormwater utility fee amount by applying specific rates to City zoning classifications. For example, all property parcels within zoning category SF-2 (Single Family 2) are billed $12.86, while parcels within SF-3 are charged $10.85. A more detailed description of the new utility fee is provided below in question-and-answer format.

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For More Information

  • Tom Tvardzik, Director of Finance
    Phone: 214-987-5326
  • Jodie Ledat, Operations Manager
    Phone: 214-987-5447
  • Jacob Speer, Director of Public Works
    Phone: 214-987-5400
  • City Hall
    Phone: 214-363-1644