Residential Collection

Residential trash collection is provided twice a week for each residence in University Park. All trash should be placed out by 7 am on collection days. The City charges the following amounts per month for collection of garbage and trash from residences (rates effective October 1, 2022):

  • Residential Dwelling: $27.52
  • Carryout, Per Unit: $168.65

Trash cans (maximum 32-gallon capacity) must be located on private property adjacent to the alley right-of-way. Each trash can must have a lid, which must be secured by wire or chain to a fence, building, or other structure. Residents must have an adequate number of trash cans to contain a normal amount of refuse. If there is additional volume that cannot fit into the trash cans, plastic bags may be set out on the day of collection only.

For More Information

Residents may request additional information by calling the City's 311 Information Line or by completing a Service Request Form.