Animal Control

Animal Control University ParkLost and Found Pets

The City of University Park is committed to reuniting pets with their families. Residents are encouraged to call the City's police / fire dispatch center at 214-363-3000 to report a lost or found pet. Please do not call 911 to report a lost or found pet.

The dispatch center keeps a list of all such reports. It includes a description of the pet, and the time and place that it was last seen or found. If the pet reported lost is found, we encourage residents to call the police/fire dispatch center with that information.

Please note, if you find a pet outside the boundaries of University Park, do not bring them to the City's 911 Center. Pets found in Highland Park should be taken to Town Hall. In Dallas, the Animal Services Department has a special online database for reporting lost pets.

Animal Registration Tags

Residents of University Park are required by City Ordinance to register all pets and display a numbered animal tag.

By City Ordinance, the owner of each dog or cat more than four months old must obtain a license for each dog or cat. At the time of application for a license, the owner must present a Certificate of Vaccination and pay a licensing fee for each dog and cat.

  • An animal tag may be obtained either in person at City Hall or through the mail.
  • A current rabies certificate is required to obtain an animal tag.
  • The animal tag fee outlined by City ordinance is as follows:
    • $10 for altered animals
    • $20 for unaltered animals
  • A log receipt, license tag, and S-clip are given to the resident for each registered pet.

If the animal registration is sent by mail, a current copy of the rabies certificate and the fee should be mailed to:

Attn: University Park Animal Licensing
c/o PetData
P.O. Box 141929
Irving, Texas 75014-1929

Register your pet on the PetData website.

The Texas Board of Health approved rules that will permit dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies every three years. Under these requirements, dogs and cats should be vaccinated at 4 months of age, and receive a booster vaccination 12 months later, and every three years thereafter. Pet owners and their veterinarians may choose more frequent vaccinations. TDH officials stressed that the change from annual to triennial does not lessen the importance of having pets vaccinated against rabies.

Animal Control Officer

For information concerning the City’s animal regulations and policies, residents are encouraged to contact the Animal Control Officer, Launa Patton, at 214-987-5371 (voicemail) or 214-363-3000 (dispatch) or email Launa Patton. Launa's hours are Tuesday to Saturday 8 am to 4 pm

View or download the Animal Control section of the City Ordinance (PDF).