Block Party Requirements

Block parties are a great way to meet your neighbors and discuss issues of relevance to the neighborhood. Block parties are intended for all residents of the block and are not private events. Members of the Police and Fire Departments, as well as other City personnel, are available to speak and answer questions at block parties on request. The City will also provide traffic cones and signs to close the block to traffic.

If you are planning a neighborhood Block Party, please download a Block Party Packet (PDF).

Three Ways to Submit the Application:

  • Take the completed application form to the reception desk at City Hall - 3800 University Boulevard
  • Fax the completed application to the City's Traffic Division at 214-987-5431.
  • Complete the application online.

Applications should be submitted at least three working days in advance of the Block Party.

Block Party Requirements:

Important: Emergency vehicles and block residents must be allowed access to the block throughout the event. To assist with that, please have someone available in case traffic cones and signs need to be removed from the street.

  • The street must remain clear and open at all times for vehicular access.
    • Do not place or position equipment or party-related items in the street unless they can be quickly and easily removed (no bounce houses, party tents, audio/video equipment, food trucks, etc.).
  • At least one person must be on the street at all times while the street is blocked.
  • Block parties are not permitted on major thoroughfares and no block parties are allowed on October 31.
  • All members of the block should be notified of the event in advance.
  • Block parties are not intended for private events.

Violating these requirements could result in a suspension of block party privileges.