Code Enforcement

The primary goal of Code Enforcement is to improve, maintain, and develop the quality of life in the City of University Park through education and enforcement of the City's ordinances. These ordinances and minimum standards are contained in the University Park Code of Ordinances. Certain requirements have been highlighted below for your convenience. Residents and property owners should familiarize themselves with these requirements to ensure that their property is in compliance. If you have any questions about this information you may contact Code Enforcement at 214-987-5411, or you may file a complaint online about a property that you believe to be in violation of the City requirements.

File a complaint online.

Common Code Violations

Rented bicycles that are found unattended in the City of University Park Rights-of-Way will be considered abandoned. Report a rented bicycle that has been abandoned online. City staff will then contact the bikeshare program (VBike, LimeBike, SpinBike, OFO, etc.) for removal.