Job Site Rules

Construction Work Hours

  • 7 am to 6 pm (Monday through Saturday, except by special permission given by the Community Development Director)

Construction Site Conditions

  • Fence - All on site, not on walks, alley pavement or adjacent property
  • Gates - Swing into property only
  • Dumpsters - Franchisee, emptying frequency management
  • Signs - issued with permit, maintain posting


  • Street - Blocking lanes, rutting parkway, mud on pavement, blocking driveways
  • Alley - Blocking passage, blocking driveways

Worker Parking

  • On-site
  • On Street
  • Out of town, bus in/carpool

Neighbor Notification

  • Prior to start - Announcement of who is building, for whom, contact information sent to all 8 immediate neighbors
  • Milestone progress report or major disruption possible - When machinery will be on site, concrete pours- particularly every morning, major deliveries or activity on site with high count of personal vehicle parking
  • Wrap up - Site spill over to neighboring property, damages