Stormwater Improvements

Work on Phase II of the City's stormwater system improvements concluding.

In mid-April 2022, the second phase of a multi-year project to improve the City's stormwater system and reduce runoff in neighborhoods near Caruth Park will be complete. The project involved the removal and replacement of existing pipe in portions of Southwestern and Hillcrest, the construction of an inlet to channel runoff to the underground detention structure in Caruth Park, and its connection to the outlet in Hillcrest. During this phase, crews also dredged the pond in Caruth Park.

Street Closures & Detours

While the paving activity is completed on Southwestern and Hillcrest, sidewalk and ramp construction, parkway restoration, pavement striping, and general site cleanup continues. For these reasons, street closures and detours are still in place.

Additional improvements to the stormwater system involving infrastructure under nearby sections of Colgate, Marquette, and Airline are currently under design. Those improvements are scheduled to begin construction in 2023.


If you have questions or concerns about project work on Southwestern, please contact:

  • Construction Inspector, Gary Bouchillon
    Phone: 214-987-5407
  • City Engineer, Katie Barron, PE, ENV-SP
    Phone: 214-987-5401

Phase I Stormwater Detention Project - Complete

In late 2020, work was completed on the first phase of this multi-year project. With the installation of an underground detention structure in Caruth Park, the capacity of the City's stormwater system increased by 11 acre-feet. That equates to just over 3.5 million gallons.

Above-ground improvements

  • Installation of 10,000 square yards of new Tiff Bermuda sod above the detention structure
  • The turf is designed for high-intensity use and offers better playing conditions
  • With improved drainage, after heavy rain events, the play field will be available for use more quickly
  • The new irrigation system for the turf east of the pond has advanced spray head technology and uses smart controllers
  • New decorative light poles on the park's east side
  • New handicap parking spaces and ramps