Snider Plaza Zoning Process

Parking, infrastructure, landscaping and other desired improvements to Snider Plaza have been the focus of multiple City Councils for many years. Having completed the replacement of water and sanitary sewer utilities in and around the plaza, the City is moving forward with construction documents for a second stage of improvements. The streetscape project includes new pavement, stormwater utilities, landscaping, pedestrian amenities, and parking enhancements. To initiate these improvements, the City is requesting an amendment to Planning Development District 1 (PD-1R), which is the current zoning assigned to the retail area. 

In March, City Council approved referral of the item to the Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) for public hearing. With this action, the zoning request for Snider Plaza was presented to P&Z on Tuesday, April 11 at 5 p.m. and included the following:

  • Expansion of PD-1R to incorporate additional parking on the city-owned lot at Rankin and Hursey.  
  • Approval of a concept plan for the street zone and sidewalk zone within the public domain of Snider Plaza.

Snider Plaza Zoning Request

The Planning & Zoning Commission  held and closed a public hearing for the zoning request but did not take further action on the item. The request will return to P&Z on May 9 for further consideration. 

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Staff Contacts

For information related to the zoning process, contact Jessica Rees, City Planner. 

Jessica Rees, City Planner
(214) 987-5423
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For information related to the surface improvements project, contact Katie Barron, City Engineer.

Katie Barron, Director of Engineering
(214) 987-5401
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