Library Policies

How to Open a Library Account

Library accounts are free to residents and employees of University Park and to residents within the Highland Park Independent School District boundaries. Non-residents must obtain a TexShare card from the library in the community where they live. The University Park Public Library (“the Library”) honors TexShare cards from any reciprocating library in the State. For more information on the TexShare program, see the information found on the Texas State Library and Archive Commission website at

A library account gives the account holder checkout privileges at the Library and access to electronic resources. The account is valid for three years. By opening an account, the library patron agrees to accept responsibility for use of the account and to follow all library policies.

Accounts are obtained by presenting a valid governmental photo identification and proof of address for legal adults (18 years old or older). Under age 18, a person must be connected to an adult sponsor (parent or guardian) and be able to sign or print his/her own name. The adult sponsor must be a registered borrower.

Library Account

The library account number is the 14 digit number on the front of the patron's library card (no spaces between digits). When the account is issued, the PIN number assigned will be the last four digits of this number. The PIN can be changed by the patron in the My Account area of the Library's online catalog. The Library account number with PIN number combination is used to provide access to electronic resources, which the Library makes available to its patrons.

A lost library card should be reported immediately. There is a fee to replace a lost card, which is listed in the Master Fee Schedule. Patrons must present their library cards at time of renewal or pay the replacement fee.

The Library honors the State of Texas TexShare card from any reciprocating library in the State. For more information on the TexShare program, see the information found on the Texas State Library and Archive Commission website.

Check-Out & Renewal of Materials

The patron presents the library card at the service desk or self-check station with the items selected for check out. If the library card has been forgotten, library staff will hold materials until the library card is located or replaced.


Holds may be picked up by family members with prior approval. Holds may be placed by phone, online, or in person. Hold notifications are given by phone, email, or text message.


Items may be renewed up to five times unless a hold has been placed on the item. Renewals may be made by phone, online, or in person.

Overdue Materials

If items become overdue, the borrowing privilege is suspended once the total of fines and fees reaches $5. If the patron has email, a courtesy notice will be sent one day before an item reaches overdue status. Once an item has become one week overdue, the library sends an overdue notice. The overdue fine is listed in the Master Fee Schedule. At six weeks delinquent, the book will be considered lost and a bill will be sent. See Lost Materials.

Check Out

Books, with the exception of those marked new, are checked out for three weeks. Items marked new are checked out for two weeks and are limited to two items. DVDs and magazines are checked out for one week. DVDs are limited to two per card. Other materials are limited to 50 per card and may be checked out for three weeks. Check out period for electronic resources will be listed on the website for that resource.

Lost or Damaged Materials

When materials are lost or damaged, the patron is charged a processing fee, listed in the Master Fee Schedule. The patron will be charged a replacement cost; the replacement cost will vary and is based on the original acquisition cost of the item. The Library will accept an exact replacement for lost or damaged items. The replacement must be a new, uncirculated book.

When lost or damaged materials are replaced, the processing fee is waived. Damages may include, but are not limited to:

  • The item shows evidence of water, mildew or infestation
  • The item has been chewed or severely torn
  • Dirt, sand, food or other substances adhered to materials
  • Highlighting or underlining of text and writing on pages
  • One or more pages is missing
  • The CD of DVD is cracked or broken
  • The cover has been ripped, removed or otherwise damaged

Borrowing privileges will be suspended until the replacement cost has been paid or the item has been replaced. If the item is later found, the Library will gratefully accept it as a donation; however, the Library does not refund replacement or processing fees.

Other Borrowing Services

TexShare Program

TexShare is a two-pronged program offered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to library patrons throughout Texas. The card program provides a statewide library card for Texas residents. Patrons of the UP Public Library can obtain a TexShare card and use it at any other participating library in Texas. Cards will be issued to any patron in good standing. The card is issued initially for three months and thereafter for six month periods.

The other TexShare program is the database program which is explained in the Library's Electronic Resources User Policy.


OverDrive is the Library's system that allows current University Park Public Library residents card holders to access downloadable e-books and audio books using their library account number (card barcode) and PIN. The loan period for downloadable items can be found on the OverDrive website.