Valet Parking Permit

In 2007, following concerns about the lack of parking in the City's commercial areas, the City Council passed Ordinance regulating valet parking on the public right-of-way in commercial areas. The ordinance is not applicable to residential areas.

Now, those who wish to provide valet parking for their customers or clients must obtain a permit from the University Park Police Department. To obtain the permit, operators must fill out an application. The completed application must have the signature of the business owner and the owner of the property where vehicles will be parked. Operators must also demonstrate that there is adequate private lot space (and that permission has been obtained to use the lot) to valet park all vehicles for the business(es) served.

The cost of the annual permit is $100. A copy of the operator's permit must be displayed at every valet parking operation site.

In a circumstance involving a non-recurring special event, a temporary valet parking permit for a period of operation not exceeding two calendar days can be issued. The cost of a temporary permit is $50. A temporary permit cannot be issued to the same applicant more than four times a year.