Yard Waste Collection

The Sanitation Division picks up brush, grass, leaves and other yard waste separately from household garbage. Collected brush and yard waste is taken to a composting facility for processing. To be collected, all grass clippings and other yard waste must be placed inside a biodegradable paper yard waste bag.

Brush & Limbs Collection

Tree limbs and branches should be placed on the parkway for pickup. The cost for brush collection depends upon the volume of material. Any brush charges are then added to the resident's next utility bill. Rates are as follows (rates effective October 1, 2023):

  • Manual Pick-Up: $30.55
  • Mechanical Pick-Up - Less Than Half a Truckload: $99.60
  • Mechanical Pick-Up - Half a Truckload: $153.40
  • Mechanical Pick-Up - Full Truckload: $202.53