Service Companies

Thank you for registering your alarm system for monitoring by the City of University Park. Please contact the Direct Alarm office if you have any questions at 214-987-5372.

The below-listed companies are participating with the University Park Police in performing the work necessary to connect your alarm system directly to the Police Monitoring Center. You may use any listed company, and the cost for the company to perform this service is between the home-business owner and the company.

To assist these companies, please have the brand name and model of your current equipment when you call. This can normally be found on the control board or inside the cover of your alarm system. You may also see a brand name on the alarm keypad by a door.

Note: If your alarm is currently being monitored by 'Direct Alarm' you will need to have your system checked and or serviced, please contact our office and we will refer you to the company that has worked on your system previously.

For your convenience, we have provided this information in a PDF. View the University Park Direct Alarm Monitoring (PDF).