Court Conduct


Attorneys, witnesses and courtroom spectators must dress appropriately to maintain the dignity, decorum and professional atmosphere of the judicial branch of our government.

Appropriate Attire

  • Men should wear a shirt with a collar and long pants (jeans are acceptable).
  • Women should wear a dress, or a blouse and skirt (jeans are acceptable).

Inappropriate Attire

  • No shorts of any type, no cut-off jeans, no t-shirts with images or messages disrespectful to the judicial process.
  • No flip-flops, hats, caps, bandanas, tube tops, tank tops, bare midriff tops, halter tops, mini-skirts or short dresses or any revealing clothing and no sunglasses.
  • No heavily soiled work clothing.

Required Conduct

All persons in the courtroom during trials and other proceedings must refrain from any action that may disrupt proceedings. Therefore, all persons will comply with the following:

  • All personal electronic devices must be turned off while court is in session.
  • Spectators may not sleep in the courtroom.
  • No bottles, beverage containers, paper cups or food allowed.
  • No reading of newspapers, books or magazines is permitted.
  • No talking or unnecessary noise; no one is allowed to talk when the judge is speaking.