Right-of-Way Management

"Right-of-way" refers to physical space on or along streets and alleys. Local, State and Federal laws give many private entities the right to use the public rights-of-way for their business purposes. Gas, electric, telecommunications, and cable television are a few of the functions that occupy the rights-of-way owned by the City of University Park. In an attempt to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of its residents, the City of University Park attempts to monitor and coordinate the use of the rights-of-way by private entities through its right-of-way management practices. The City's right-of-way management function is an extension of the Engineering Division and is responsible for ensuring that all work done on public property is performed in accordance with all applicable regulations and construction standards. Furthermore, the City attempts to oversee and coordinate construction or utility work to minimize any negative impact on surrounding property owners.

The City's right-of-way management function can be separated into two distinct areas:

  • Information for Residents - this includes contact information, complaint procedures, and an explanation of right-of-way work.
  • Information for Utility Companies and Contractors - this includes downloadable permit application forms and requirements for working in the right-of-way.


Right-of-way permit applications can be obtained via download from this website.  Completed applications can be sent via emailing Right-of-Way Permits.  For any questions regarding the permit submittal process and questions regarding construction details or inspections, call Daniel McDonald at 214-987-5405 or fill out our service request form.

For More Information

Questions or issues relating to work by private entities in the public rights-of-way can be submitted via our online service request form or by calling Daniel McDonald at 214-987-5405.

For gas service-related questions, contact Atmos Energy:

Electric service and billing-related questions should be directed to your retail electric provider.  Outages and other emergency situations can be reported to Oncor Electric Delivery:

  • Visit the Oncor Website
  • Outage hotline: 888-313-4747
  • 24-hour customer service: 888-313-6862
  • To find out more about Oncor's procedures, policies, and initiatives, and for information concerning Oncors' "vegetation management" in alleys, visit the Oncor Safety page.

Telephone service and billing-related questions should be directed to your local telephone service provider. Cable television or internet connection-related questions should be directed to Charter Spectrum, or depending on the neighborhood, AT&T:

  • Charter Spectrum
    Customer service: 1-866-937-2427
  • AT&T U-verse
    Customer service: 1-800-288-2020