Tracking Power Outages

Oncor provides an Outages and Weather webpage to assist you with reporting power outages, tracking power outages and reporting downed power lines. You can also download their MYONCOR App.

Be Ready

Before the power goes out, have a flashlight ready and make sure the number for reporting outages is easy to locate. Your electric bill lists the number to dial to report outages. Put the number in an easy to find place, on the refrigerator or better yet, program it into your home phone speed dial or your cell phone.

Always Call

Don't rely on your neighbors or friends to report an outage. Oncor depends on telephone calls from consumers to help pinpoint the size and location of extended power outages. Help Oncor help you. Please call 888-313-4747 whenever your power is out.

What to Do if You See a Downed Power Line

  • If you see a downed power line, leave the area and call 911. In addition to the downed line potentially being electrified, anything touching the power line, such as a tree branch, could also be electrified.
  • Do not touch the power line or anything else that is touching it. It may not look dangerous, but it could still be energized and therefore possibly deadly. Keep pets, children and others away from the area, too.
  • If a power line falls across your vehicle, call 911 and stay put until help arrives. Your tires provide important insulation from electric current. Stepping from your car could make you part of a complete electric circuit, resulting in electric shock or even death.
  • If you need immediate, emergency help, call 911.

To view these electric safety tips or for more from Oncor's Lifetime of Safety program, visit Oncor's Safety page.