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Caruth Park Stormwater Detention Project - May 2020.  

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The Arbor - July 2020.

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Caruth Park Stormwater Detention Project  

July 24, 2020

Work is progressing on schedule on a project to improve the City’s stormwater system and reduce potential flooding in the Caruth Park neighborhood. The work comes after months of study involving in depth consultation with an engineering firm and careful review of concepts by several resident committees and the City Council.
The project features the construction of an underground detention structure in Caruth Park to increase the capacity of the City’s stormwater system by 11 acre feet. That equates to just over 3.5 million gallons. Costs associated with the new structure, estimated at $4.6 million, will be funded through the City’s Capital Improvements Program.  As of July 24, about 70 percent of detention structure has been installed (see time lapse images below).  
Located under the playing field on the east side of the park, the structure will provide several opportunities for improvements in and around Caruth Park:
  • Models show a significant reduction in the impact to private property during a 10-year storm event
  • The play field will experience better drainage which will reduce closures after rain events
  • New grass, designed for high-intensity use, will be planted after the project to provide a better play surface for teams using the field
  • Installation of a new irrigation system with new spray head technology and smart controllers will be part of the upgrades
  • The project will have minimal impact on the existing tree canopy
Parking Lot/Sidewalk Closures and Truck Traffic
As part of this work, the parking lot and sidewalks on the east side of the park will be used as a staging area and for construction site access.  That activity will keep the lot and those sidewalks closed for the project’s duration.  The construction process and hauling of materials will generate a significant amount of truck traffic along Hillcrest. As such, a traffic control plan is in place to minimize impact to the neighborhood.  To relieve traffic congestion, all contractor activity and parking be limited to the work site. Once installation of the detention structure is complete, the contractor will replace the playing field turf and rebuild the Hillcrest parking lot.  The estimated completion date for the project is this November. 

The construction schedule for additional improvements to the area’s stormwater system hasn’t been finalized. That multiyear effort will involve installing larger stormwater pipes under sections of Southwestern, Hillcrest, Colgate, Marquette, and Airline.
City Contacts
As the Caruth Park project progresses, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact these City staff members:
Construction Inspector, Gary Bouchillon – 214-537-7734
City Engineer, Katie Barron – 214-987-5401

Virtual Meeting with Caruth Park Neighbors - May 14