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Purchase a tree for your parkway in December

December 11, 2017

Turn over a new leaf by participating in the City's Trees for Town program.  Since 1982, the City has planted, in partnership with residents, thousands of trees in parkways and at home sites.  The trees come in different varieties and are priced according to the desired planting location.

children planting trees

Parkway trees

The purchase price for trees in the parkway (the grassy area between the sidewalk and curb), including planting by the Parks and Recreation Department, is $150.  Parkway trees, all container grown, have a trunk diameter of approximately 1 3/4 inches and are 8-10 feet tall.  Residents can choose from Cedar Elm, Chinquapin Oak, Live Oak, Shumard Red Oak and Crape Myrtle.

Home planting trees

Home planting trees cost $75 each.  Although residents are responsible for the planting and care of these trees, the Park Department will deliver them to your property.  Smaller in size than the parkway trees, these container grown trees have 1-1 ½ inch calipers and are 6-8 feet tall. Available tree varieties include Lace Bark Elm, Bur Oak, Chinquapin Oak and Shumard Red Oak.

Although container grown trees can be planted year-round, the primary planting season runs from mid-November to mid-February.  Residents should note that whether the trees are planted on the parkway or on private property, they are not guaranteed.  However, because they are picked by the City's Urban Forester, their survival rate is high. 

Park Reforestation

If you would like to participate in the reforestation of University Park to maintain a vibrant, healthy city, but do not have room on your parkway or property, you may gift a tree that will be planted in one of the city’s parks or other properties maintained by the city.

Sign up by December 31

The last day to order either parkway or home planting trees is December 31.  Planting will begin in late January or early February after all the orders are processed.  To order a tree, call the Parks and Recreation Department at 214-987-5488.