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Fight the bite efforts / Watering restrictions

October 28, 2016

University Park is one of the few communities in North Texas that conducts a scheduled city-wide fogging program. The program follows accepted IPM (Integrated Pest Management) guidelines consisting of monitoring, trapping, larviciding, and adulticiding. To target mosquitoes during peak daily activity, protect beneficial insects and limit exposure for outdoor pets and residents who have sensitivities, fogging is conducted during the overnight hours.

When the City or Municipal Mosquito schedules truck-based fogging of streets, alleys, parks or school grounds those specifics will always be posted here and on the City's Mosquito Control page.  The City also posts those details on Twitter and Nextdoor.   

Scheduled Fogging - 2016

The City of University Park reminds everyone of steps you can take to help control mosquitoes in your neighborhood:

  • Eliminate any stagnant or standing water. This can be found in birdbaths, non-circulating fish or lily ponds, plant saucers, low areas in your lawn, and around outdoor water faucets, etc.
  • Reduce the amount of water placed on your lawn. Allow the top of the soil to dry out before watering again. Reprogram your irrigation controller based on the temperature and rainfall.
  • Cover exposed soil with cedar or cypress mulch if possible.
  • Clean out decomposed leaf matter from your storm gutters.
  • Keep any unnecessary plant growth cut back.


To learn more about the City's ongoing efforts to limit mosquitoes, click here

City providing free Mosquito Dunks

free Mosquito Dunks

The City is providing mosquito dunks (two to a pack) to UP residents who stop by City Hall (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. - 3800 University Blvd.).  To receive the product you must show proof of residency (driver license).  Mosquito dunks will be provided, one pack to each resident, until the supply is gone.  This same product can be purchased at garden centers.
Mosquito dunks look like a small, beige donut. They float in standing water. As the dunk slowly dissolves, it releases a bacterium which is toxic to all species of mosquito larvae. Dunks can be used in fish ponds, birdbaths, flower pots, rain barrels or any place where water collects and remains for a period of time. The dunks kill mosquito larvae before they grow to become biting and disease-spreading adults. The product is harmless to other living things. Each dunk is effective for a 30-day period.

Questions and Answers on City watering restrictions

watering can

Are watering restrictions in University Park still in place?

Yes.  Watering by automatic sprinkler systems is limited to twice a week, year-round.  Residents with addresses ending in an even number can use automatic sprinklers on Sundays and Thursdays.  Addresses ending in an odd number can use automatic sprinklers on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
When can UP residents begin using their automatic watering systems in the daytime? 

From April 1 to October 31  the City prohibits the use of outdoor watering systems from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.  
Residents can water year-round, on any day of the week, with a hand-held hose, a drip irrigation device or soaker hose.

For more information on the City’s twice-a-week watering ordinance and for watering tips, click here.         

How often should you water your lawn?

Sign up for a free online service called Water My Yard offered by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.