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Details on major construction projects

March 8, 2016

Mile-Per-Year Project
Park Cities YMCA Construction
McFarlin Bridge Project

Mile-Per-Year Project -- March 2016 to March 2017

Beginning the week of March 21, the City will start its next mile-per-year project to replace aging water and sanitary sewer mains and alley pavement.

Project work will be handled in four phases.  Weather permitting, all work will be completed by March 2017.
1st Phase - Involves the 4200-4300 blocks of the Normandy/San Carlos alley and is expected to last four to five months.
2nd Phase - Crews will begin working in the 4400-4500 block of the Stanhope/ Shenandoah alley.  This work should also take about four months.

3rd Phase - Crews will proceed to the alley serving the 4200-4300 blocks of McFarlin/Larchmont.  This portion of the project will last about four months.
4th Phase - Crews will return to the 4200-4300 blocks of Normandy to install a water line in the street that will service a fire hydrant.  This work will improve fire- fighting capabilities for the neighborhood.  Installation of the water main is anticipated to take five weeks.
Alleys blocked to traffic

This project will result in some inconvenience for residents who live nearby.  During replacement of the utilities in the alleys, alley access will be completely restricted.  Residents will be notified in advance of closures and receive other location specific information.  The City will also use social media to keep the community up-to-date on the project’s progress.

This project continues the City’s mile-per-year program that began in 1992.  The effort sets aside money for the replacement of roughly a mile of water and sewer pipes each year. The alleys identified in this project were selected because of repeated water main breaks and deteriorated sewer mains.

This project, approved by the City Council last November, has a total budget of $2.2 million to include design, construction testing, and contingencies. 

project work sites map

Map shows project work sites.  Blue indicates alley work, and Green indicated street work. 

Project Contacts:

City of University Park
  Flow Line Construction, Inc
  Neighborhood Advisories:
Please be advised the alley that serves the 4200-4300 blocks of Normandy Avenue / San Carlos Drive (Douglas to Armstrong) will be closed beginning Monday, March 21, for approximately 5 months to allow for the replacement of utilities and pavement. 

Park Cities YMCA Construction -- April 2015 to August 2016

Park Cities YMCA Construction map

Traffic Advisory March 28 --  From Tuesday, March 29 through Friday, April 1 a section of Normandy will be closed to traffic so that crews can dismantle a construction crane and set roof top HVAC units in place.  Click HERE for details and traffic flow diagram.  

Located on the site of the old YMCA at 6000 Preston Road, the new facility will include a 281 space underground parking garage, gymnasium, indoor pool along with a family and therapy pool, wellness center, multi-purpose space for youth programs, a preschool center and outdoor recreation fields.  Project completion is slated for August 2016.   

McFarlin Bridge Project -- January 2015 to October 2016

The construction of McFarlin Bridge across Turtle Creek is well underway.  This project will alleviate flooding that occurs when a section of Turtle Creek and the pond at Williams Park overrun their banks.  The project requires closing McFarlin between Golf and Shannon until October 2016. The work zone on McFarlin runs from Williams Pkwy. to Park St. Residents who live inside the work zone (shown in yellow in map below) will be able to access their homes, but through traffic will be prohibited.

Project Benefits
  • McFarlin Blvd. will not flood during major rainfall events  
  • UPFD work bays on University Blvd. will not flood during major rainfall
  • New McFarlin Bridge will be wider and offer amenities to pedestrians and park visitors.
Neighborhood Advisories
  • July 2015 - Closure of McFarlin between Golf and Shannon until October 2016
  • Work will require the dewatering of the pond in Williams Park
The project has two main components.  The first component, begun in January 2015, involves the construction of a new collapsible dam to replace the existing McElvaney Dam.  The second involves a new bridge on McFarlin.  The new dam will be located approximately 300 feet south of McFarlin.  Once in place, the bridge and dam will work in concert to keep flood waters largely within the banks of Turtle Creek.  The structure will impound water in a common pond both north and south of the new bridge at McFarlin.  During major rainfall events, the dam will lower when the water level reaches a predetermined threshold to prevent flood waters from flowing over McFarlin Blvd.   

work zone map
Project includes improvements in and near Williams Park: 
  • The peninsula in the middle of the creek on the south side of McFarlin will be removed
  • The south end of the peninsula north of the existing structure will be converted into an island
  • A pedestrian bridge will provide access to the island
  • The new McFarlin Bridge will be considerably wider
  • The City will plant trees and landscaping, and install decorative lighting, benches, and wrought-iron guard rails 
  • A ramp will be installed near the northwest corner of the bridge to provide access to the channel so silt removal is easier in future years
Projected timeline for various remaining key elements
  • Williams Pond silt removal – March to May 2016
  • Set bridge arches and headwalls – April 2016
  • Set prefabricated bridge – Beginning mid-April 2016
  • Construction of wall at new Williams Pond island – Beginning in June 2016
  • Street pavement installation – September to October 2016
  • Opening McFarlin to traffic – October 2106
                        Photo taken on 3-29-2016
McFarlin Bridge

Project Contacts:

City of University Park
  Rebcon, Inc