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Waste Wizard - tips for recycling & waste disposal

December 30, 2015
Waste Wizard - website tool provides tips for recycling and waste disposal 

Sanitation calendar & option for weekly reminders part of website upgrades

Last fall’s community survey included questions about recycling and trash collection.  Ninety-two percent of the residents who filled out the questionnaire reported they recycle.  Additionally, nearly a quarter of respondents indicated the City’s website should provide more information about what can be recycled and do a better job displaying trash, yard waste and brush collection days.  Residents also said they would like to receive timely reminders and updates on sanitation-related topics like Christmas tree recycling, storm debris removal and community recycling events.

The City now has two new website tools to help residents easily determine what can be recycled and when trash, yard waste and brush is picked up.  This new software, located in the Sanitation/Recycling section of the website, will also allow residents to sign up for reminders and updates provided by email, text or by automated telephone call.  

Waste Wizard

Using Waste Wizard, residents type in keywords to get disposal tips on hundreds of items.  From aluminum cans to zip lock bags, this quick and easy search tool will provide users with details on what items go into the recycling bin or the trash can.

Collection schedules and reminders

Using this software residents type in their address and the website calendar quickly displays trash, yard waste and brush pick schedules for that location for each month of the year.  Residents can also click on a box shown just above the calendar to sign up for weekly reminders about trash, yard waste and bush collection, and to receive updates from the City concerning collection schedule changes and other sanitation-related information.