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Time to check home smoke alarms

October 12, 2015

University Park Fire Department

National Fire Prevention Week will be observed in October.  According to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), about 60 percent of home fire deaths happen in homes without properly functioning smoke alarms. Having a working smoke alarm in your home greatly increases your chance of surviving a fire. 

Because smoke alarms rely on a power source to function properly, it is critical to check them monthly.  Batteries too weak to sound the alarm should be replaced.  Because most alarms “chirp” when battery power is low, it is critical to replace the battery promptly, rather than disconnecting the alarm. 

Smoke generated by fire is referred to as the silent killer.  Most fire deaths occur from smoke inhalation when residents are asleep.  A primary component of smoke is carbon monoxide, which can slowly suffocate victims.  A functional smoke alarm can provide early detection and make the difference when minutes count.

In October, under the direction of the fire department, local Boy Scouts and members of the City’s Youth Advisory Commission will distribute flyers urging residents to make sure their household smoke alarms are in working order.  Multi-family sections of the city will be included in this effort.
UPFD offers assistance with smoke alarm installations

For those needing assistance, especially the aged and individuals with disabilities, department members will test home smoke alarms.  If necessary, the department will provide and install smoke alarms for free.  To arrange a visit please call the fire department’s administrative secretary at 214-987-5380.