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January 2023 UPdate.

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The Arbor - January 2023.

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SMU Gary Weber End Zone Stadium project.

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Snider Plaza Surface Improvements Project Mock-Up.

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Water Bill processing error for some recurring credit card customers.

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December 2022 UPdate.

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Saturday, January 28 at 10 a.m. - STEAM Station @ the Library.

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Tuesday, January 31 at 10:30 a.m. - Baby Story Time @ UPPL.

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Tuesday, February 7 - City Council Meeting

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Tuesday, February 21 - City Council Meeting

Water Supply Info

Drinking water in University Park is provided by the Dallas County/Park Cities Municipal Utility District (MUD). The MUD is a special purpose local government governed by an elected five-member Board of Directors.  The MUD operates a treatment plant at 1811 Regal Row, Dallas TX 75235, that provides all treated water for University Park and Highland Park.

University Park's water originates in Lake Grapevine, where raw water is released and travels to the MUD's Regal Row plant. The water then goes through a series of carefully controlled steps, including: 

  • Screening: The raw water passes through a mesh screen that removes large solids.
  • Flocculation: Chemicals, including calcium carbonate (lime) and ferric sulfate, are added to the water.  The chemicals soften the water, reduce taste and odor, and promote coagulation of molecules into large particles.  The water is pumped into flocculators (large concrete basins) with mechanical paddles that agitate the water.
  • Clarifying: Next, the water passes to two 2-million gallon clarifier tanks, which act as settling basins.  Heavier particles of material settle to the bottom, and the remaining water flows on to the final treatment stage.  The heavier particles (sludge) are pumped to lagoons where the sludge settles and water is removed and pumped to head of the plant.
  • Filtration: The water passes through eight filter units containing granular activated carbon sand, and four sizes of rock.  The filtered water is then filtered again through ultra-fiber membranes, making it some of the purest water in the state.  Chlorine and ammonia are then added for final disinfection.  The finished water is stored on site in a 10 million gallon underground storage tank.  When needed, the water is pumped out of the plant to the University Park pumping station in Germany Park.  From there, the water enters UP's distribution system, which carries the water to each home or business and the City’s two 2-million gallon elevated storage tanks.

Federal law requires that public providers of drinking water issue an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).  The CCR contains information about water quality and test results for contaminants or other constituents.

Annual Water Quality Report

For more information about water treatment, contact the MUD.

Dallas County/Park Cities
Municipal Utility District

1811 Regal Row
Dallas, TX 75235

Water Distribution

Potable water for each residence, school, and business in the City of University Park is provided through a network of pipes commonly referred to as the "distribution system." This distribution system is buried below most alley and some street rights-of-way throughout the community. The Infrastructure Maintenance Division staff routinely performs the following services:

  • Install / repair water service taps (water main to property line) for each residential or commercial customer
  • Repair pipe failures within the distribution system
  • Read meters for 9,000+ residential and commercial accounts
  • Maintain two 2-million gallon elevated water storage tanks
  • Support the Engineering Division in its design and reconstruction of aging distribution infrastructure.