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University Park Public Library - Borrowing Policy
How to Get a Library Card:
Library cards are free to residents and employees of University Park and to residents within the Highland Park Independent School District boundaries.  The University Park Public Library (UPPL) will issue library cards to non-residents on a reciprocal basis.  Library cards will be offered at no charge to residents of cities who offer University Park residents free library cards.  Non-residents will be charged the same fee that their cities will charge University Park residents for a library card.
A library card gives the card holder checkout privileges at the library and access to electronic resources. The card is valid for one year. By signing the back of the card, the library patron agrees to accept responsibility for use of the card and to follow all library policies.  
Cards are obtained by presenting a valid governmental photo identification and proof of address for legal adults (18 years old or older). Under age 18, a person must be connected to an adult sponsor (parent or guardian) and be able to sign or print his/her own name. The adult sponsor must be a registered borrower.
Library Account:
The library account number is the 14 digit number on the front of the patron’s library card (no spaces between digits). When the card is issued, the PIN number assigned will be the last four digits of this number. The PIN can be changed by the patron in the My Account area of the Library’s online catalog. The Library account number with PIN number combination is used to provide access to electronic resources, which the Library makes available to its patrons.
A lost library card should be reported immediately. There is a fee to replace a lost card, which is listed in the Master Fee Schedule.  Patrons must present their library cards at time of renewal or pay the replacement fee.
The Library honors the State of Texas TexShare card from any reciprocating library in the State.    For more information on the TexShare program, see the information found on the Texas State Library and Archive Commission website.
Check-Out and Renewal of Materials:
The patron presents the library card at the service desk or self-check station with the items selected for check out. If the library card has been forgotten, library staff will hold materials until the library card is located or replaced.  
Holds may be picked up by family members with prior approval. Holds may be placed by phone, online, or in person. Hold notifications are given by phone, email, or text message. 
Items may be renewed up to five times unless a hold has been placed on the item. Renewals may be made by phone, online, or in person.   
Overdue Materials:
If items become overdue, the borrowing privilege is suspended once the total of fines and fees reaches $5.  If the patron has email, a courtesy notice will be sent one day before an item reaches overdue status. Once an item has become one week overdue, the library sends an overdue notice. The overdue fine is listed in the Master Fee Schedule.  At six weeks delinquent, the book will be considered lost and a bill will be sent. See Lost Materials. 
Check Out:
Books, with the exception of those marked new, are checked out for three weeks.  Items marked new are checked out for two weeks and are limited to two (2) items. DVDs and magazines are checked out for one week.  DVDs are limited to two (2) per card.  Other materials are limited to 50 per card and may be checked out for three weeks. Check out period for electronic resources will be listed on the website for that resource. 
Lost or Damaged Materials: 
When materials are lost or damaged, the patron is charged a processing fee, listed in the Master Fee Schedule.  The patron will be charged a replacement cost; the replacement cost will vary and is based on the original acquisition cost of the item.  The Library will accept an exact replacement for lost or damaged items.  The replacement must be a new, uncirculated book.
When lost or damaged materials are replaced, the processing fee is waived.  Damages may include, but are not limited to:
  • The item shows evidence of water, mildew or infestation
  • The item has been chewed or severely torn
  • Dirt, sand, food or other substances adhered to materials
  • Highlighting or underlining of text and writing on pages
  • One or more pages is missing
  • The CD of DVD is cracked or broken
  • The cover has been ripped, removed or otherwise damaged
Borrowing privileges will be suspended until the replacement cost has been paid or the item has been replaced.  If the item is later found, the Library will gratefully accept it as a donation; however, the Library does not refund replacement or processing fees.  
TexShare Program:
TexShare is a two-pronged program offered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to library patrons throughout Texas. The card program provides a statewide library card for Texas residents. Patrons of the UP Public Library can obtain a TexShare card and use it at any other participating library in Texas. Cards will be issued to any patron in good standing.  The card is issued initially for three months and thereafter for six month periods.  
The other TexShare program is the database program which is explained in the Library’s Electronic Resources User Policy.  
OverDrive is the Library’s system that allows current University Park Public Library residents card holders to access downloadable e-books and audio books using their library account number (card barcode) and PIN.  The loan period for downloadable items can be found on the OverDrive website.

University Park Public Library - Code of Conduct
Appropriate Conduct:
This policy is established for the comfort and protection of all patrons who use the University Park Public Library.  We ask for your cooperation in maintaining an environment that is conducive to study, programming, and enjoyable use of the Library. 

No selling, delivery of paid services, contract negotiations, money exchange, or financial transactions are allowed in the library.
Patrons will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Inappropriate conduct disrupts the operation of the library and use by other patrons.
Patrons will comply with all federal, state and local laws.
Parents or designated caregivers are responsible for children they bring to the library.  The library is not responsible for unattended children. Any child left after closing, who is disruptive, or who requires parental attention, but whose parents or designated caregivers cannot be reached, will be turned over to security personnel or law enforcement. 
Children under age ten must have a parent or designated caregiver in the immediate vicinity of them, and in visual contact with them at all times. 
Patrons will comply with the Library Electronic Resources Use Policy.
Inappropriate Conduct:
  • Disruptive electronic device use is prohibited.
  • Food and drink are not permitted at computer locations and in the Texana Room.
  • Possession of or use of alcohol or illicit drugs is prohibited within the library.
  • Service animals are permitted in the library; all other animals are prohibited, except for special events.
  • Sleeping in the library is prohibited.
  • Smoking and use of all tobacco products is prohibited.
  • Soliciting is prohibited.
  • Weapons are prohibited except for Law Enforcement Officers and individuals licensed to carry handguns in accordance with state law.

Policy violators will be instructed by Library personnel to leave the Library, or law enforcement may be called.  Failure to leave as instructed constitutes unlawful trespass and may result in prosecution. 
University Park Public Library - Electronic Resources Use Policy
Electronic Resources:
This policy regulates each patron’s use of the University Park Public Library’s electronic resources including all software and equipment used to access information from the University Park Public Library, whether on or off Library premises.
Library electronic resources are for educational, informational, and appropriate recreational purposes only.
Internet Use Disclaimer:
While the Internet offers access to a global network of information, there is little guidance or regulation to insure that it is timely or accurate. The University Park Public Library assumes responsibility only for the information found on its website. The University Park Public Library cannot control materials accessible from other Internet sites. Individual users are responsible for evaluating the content and quality of the information retrieved.
Child Safety on the Internet:
The restriction and monitoring of a minor’s (under 18 years of age) access to the Internet, as with all other library resources, is the responsibility of the parent or designated caregiver. 
Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources:
Use of the Library’s Electronic Resources is guided by the following principles:
  • Patrons must respect the privacy of others by not interfering with their use of  workstations or impersonating another user.
  • Patrons must abide by all laws regarding copyright and software licensing agreements.
  • Patrons must follow Library procedures for use of electronic resources.

Unacceptable Use of Electronic Resources:
  • It is unacceptable to use the University Park Public Library Internet connection for any illegal purpose which violates Federal, State, or local laws.
  • It is unacceptable to access files, passwords, or data belonging to others, or seek unauthorized access to any computer system or data.
  • It is unacceptable to damage, modify, destroy, or alter software components of any network, or any Library property.
  • It is unacceptable to make copies of copyrighted material or to violate software licensing agreements.
  • It is unacceptable to use equipment maliciously. 

Internet Computer Use:
Resident and nonresident fee card holders are allowed to utilize public access computers for one hour sessions, twice per day. Each session may be extended by one-half hour, if no other patrons are waiting. 
Patrons may print from the public access computers for a charge listed in the City of University Park’s Master Fee Schedule per page.  Prints are picked up and paid for at the circulation desk.
Patrons must notify staff of any problems encountered, and must not turn off the computer or attempt to resolve any difficulty by themselves.
Electronic Resources Available Only at the Library:
Public Access Computers:
The Library provides computers during normal Library hours for resident and nonresident fee card holders.  These computers provide Microsoft Office programs and Internet access. 
Wireless Internet:
The Library provides free wireless access to the Internet for resident card holders and non-resident fee card holders.  A wireless capable electronic device is required.  This connection is not encrypted; patrons are advised not to conduct transactions with sensitive personal information.
Electronic Resources Available At The Library and Off-site:
Downloadable Books - OverDrive:  
The Library is part of the Northeast Texas Libraries Digital Consortium. This resource provides access to downloadable electronic and audio books. Free specific software is required in order to utilize this service.   The Library also has a private collection within this site for materials exclusively for current University Park Public Library resident card holders. Resident card holders must log-in to this service in order to see all of the available materials. To access this service, patrons may go through the Library's Online Catalog.  
Downloadable Audio Book - OneClickDigital:
This resource provides access to downloadable audiobooks.  Free specific software or an app is necessary to utilize this resource.  Resident card holders must log in to this service in order to download titles. To access this service, patrons may go through the Library's Online Catalog.
Online Library Catalog:  
The Library provides 24 hour access to the Library catalog.  This resource allows patrons to search for materials held by the Library, request materials, and access their personal Library accounts.  This resource may be accessed here.
Resume Maker:
This resource allows resident card holders to develop resumes, search for jobs, and provides online guidance to job seekers. To utilize this resource, resident card holders must access the Library's Online Catalog, and then create a free account.
TexShare Databases:  
The Library provides access to the Texas State Library and Archive Commission databases for public libraries.  These databases include periodicals, genealogy, and other resources. To utilize this resource, patrons must log in to their account on the Library's Online Catalog.
The Library provides an online collection of audio and animated talking books for young readers.  These titles are existing books with animation, sound, music and narration.  These books are accessed through the Library's Online Catalog.
The Library provides 24 hour access to its website. This resource provides patrons with access to the Library’s schedule of events, information about the Library, copies of Library policies and links to other resources. 
Destruction of Library property is unlawful and offenders will be prosecuted.
Violation of this policy will result in loss of access to electronic resources, possible loss of Library borrowing privileges, and/or referral to law enforcement. 
Illegal acts involving the Library’s Internet connection may be subject to prosecution by Federal, State or local authorities.
University Park Public Library - Meeting Room Policies and Procedures
Rental Agreement:

Requests to reserve the University Park Public Library Community Room can be made through the Resident Online Center.  A Meeting Room Application, available through the Resident Online Center, must be completed.  When a request is made, library staff or the Resident Online Center will inform the requester that their reservation is not valid until approved by the Library Director.  The Library Director or designee will review the request and determine whether the use is appropriate.  Use of the room for social events such as parties, showers, family reunions, receptions, and weddings will not be approved. 

All methods of collection of admission or registration fees for any event in the Library’s meeting rooms are prohibited.  Direct solicitation of monetary donations, including but not limited to, admission charges and the sale or goods and services are prohibited, except for programs sponsored by the Library or its affiliated groups.   
Failure to comply with Meeting Room policies and Meeting Room Instructions (Appendix A) may result in the suspension of rental privileges.  Applications may be rejected, and previously granted permission withdrawn, for violation of policies and procedures.  All City of University Park Code of Ordinances apply to purposes and signage for the use of the Library’s meeting rooms.
Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.  Reservations for the Library Community Room and the Local History / Texana Room can be made no more than one year in advance.  One booking per month is permitted.
The study rooms can be rented for one hour increments between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.  The fee for use of this room is included in the City of University Park’s Master Fee Schedule.  After 3 p.m., these rooms are for group study only and can be used for up to two hours.  There is no charge for the use of these rooms for students, and reservations can be made up to 48 hours in advance.  Reservations can be made in person or by calling the library.  The occupancy for the study rooms is six people.
The Local History / Texana Room may be used by special request at the discretion of the Library Director or designee.  This room is only available for use during the hours that the Library is open.  The fee for the use of this room is included in the City of University Park’s Master Fee Schedule.  The occupancy for this room is 20 people.
The Library Community Room is available for use only on days that the Library is open to the public.  It is available from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.  The occupancy for this room is 110 with chairs only and 80 people with tables and chairs.  Additional charges are applied for using the meeting room after 6 p.m.
Meeting rooms will be reserved upon application and approval; however, reservations are subject to cancellation if payment is not received within seven calendar days after application is made and approval is given.
Use of the Meeting Rooms by City Boards, Committees and City personnel and the Friends of the University Park Public Library shall take precedence over all other uses, even if an activity has been scheduled.  In this instance, the renter will be notified as soon as possible by the City to make other arrangements.
Rental Periods:
Meeting rooms can be reserved for a maximum of eight (8) hours, fitting within the times the rooms are available.  Meetings should conclude ten minutes before contracted time so that the meeting room will be cleared promptly.
Payment Policy:
The rental fees for the meeting rooms are included in the City of University Park’s Master Fee Schedule.  Payment must be received within seven calendar days after the application is made and approval is received.  The Library accepts payment by cash or check.
Damage Policy: 
Organizations or groups conducting or sponsoring meetings shall assume total responsibility for any and all damages to the room and contents during the course of the meeting/function. The person making the reservation shall attend the meeting and designate an alternate when making the reservation.
Catering Policy:
Refreshments may be served in the Community Room; however, the Library does not furnish dishes or kitchen equipment. All facilities must be left in a clean and orderly condition.   

Renters wishing to serve wine or beer must provide the City with a certificate or copy of its insurance policy(s) evidencing the coverage and coverage provisions identified below no later than ten (10) days prior to the rental term. All insurance companies and coverage must be authorized by the Texas Department of Insurance to transact business in the State of Texas and must have an A.M. Best’s rating A- or greater.

All such insurance shall name the City of University Park, its officers, employees, and agents as additional insured and provide for a waiver of subrogation against City for injuries, including death, property damage, or any other loss to the extent the same is covered by the proceeds of the insurance. Each policy and renewals or replacements thereof shall provide that it will not be canceled, non-renewed or materially changed except with thirty (30) days advance written notice to City. Evidence of such insurance shall be provided to City by delivering certificate(s) of insurance and policy endorsements. 

The insurance required under this paragraph shall provide for the following coverages and limits:

Commercial general liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage coverage in not less than the following amounts:
  • Limit of $250,000 for each person, $500,000 for each single occurrence for bodily injury or death, and $100,000 for each single occurrence for injury to or destruction of property.
Set Up/Tear Down:
Renters and their vendors must vacate the room promptly at the conclusion of the contracted time frame.  The length of time required by any vendor to set up or break down for an event is included in the occupancy period for the renter.  Renters must agree to leave the premises in good condition.  Renters must return meeting room furniture to its original location at the conclusion of their meeting.  
Nails or tacks are not to be used on meeting room walls or ceilings.  Loose glitter and confetti are not permitted.  Decorative materials must be colored with water-soluble dyes.  Candles, incense, or any other open flames are not permitted.  
Tobacco is not allowed in the Library or any City facility.    
The City of University Park reserves the right to determine if police security is required during a scheduled activity.   Renters must supply the name and affiliation of speakers two weeks prior to the reservation.  The City of University Park will determine the number of officers and hours required.  The renter is responsible for this expense. 

Renters can provide security of their choosing at their own expense, but must advise the library provide the name and credentials of the security company no later than two weeks prior to the event.  The security officers must remain inside of the rented space and may not be in front of the building or in the building hallways.  This does not preclude the City of University Park’s right to determine whether security is needed.
Occupancy Levels:
The occupancy levels posted by the Fire Marshal must be followed.   The occupancy for the Community Room is 110 with chairs only and 80 with tables and chairs, and the occupancy for the Local History/Texana Room is 20 people.
Rights of Renters:
Renters shall not obstruct, interfere with, injure or annoy other users of the Library.  The Library Director reserves the right to refuse application for any of the meeting rooms that will disrupt the normal use of the Library.  Renters will comply with the University Park Public Library Code of Conduct.
Renters cannot sublease or assign its contracted space to another individual, group, or organization.  All vendor space must be approved by the Library Director and, if applicable, by the Fire Marshal.  
Unattended Child Policy:

This policy is established in the interest of fuller understanding by parents or designated caregivers of the provisions in the University Park Public Library Code of Conduct Policy pertaining to unattended children.

The Library is a public place. A public library does not legally serve in place of parents. Children may, at any moment, become at risk. The Library cannot be responsible for directly supervising children. 
  • Be sure your children are with you or responsible caregivers at all times. 
  • Be involved in your children’s library use, know what they are reading and viewing, and take responsibility for their Internet use.
  • Children up to age ten must have a parent or caregiver in the immediate vicinity and in visual contact with them.
  • If a child up to the age of ten is found unattended, the Library staff will attempt to locate the parent or caregiver in the Library and will inform him or her of these rules. If the parent or caregiver cannot be found, law enforcement will be called for assistance.
  • If a child up to the age of ten violates the Library Code of Conduct, the child and the caregiver will be informed of the Library Code of Conduct.  If inappropriate behavior continues, the child and parent or caregiver will be asked to leave the Library.
  • Children age ten and older may be allowed to use the Library on their own; however, parents continue to be responsible for the actions of their children.  Children age ten and older who exhibit inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave the library.
It is strongly recommended that children age ten and older be accompanied during their library use by a parent or designated caregiver.
If unattended children ages 18 and under are in the Library at closing time, staff members will attempt to contact parents or caregivers and request that the children be retrieved immediately.  Two staff members will wait ten minutes for the parents or caregivers to arrive. If the parents or caregivers do not arrive within ten minutes, the police will be called.