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police-badgeThe men and women of the University Park Police Department are dedicated to providing outstanding professional police services to University Park residents and visitors. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment in which to live, work and play by taking a proactive response to crime trends through enforcement efforts, public education and utilization of crime prevention techniques. 

Positive interaction with the public is also a key objective.  We hope the services and information detailed on these pages provide you with a level of access consistent with that objective.

The University Park Police Department provides fingerprinting service to residents of University Park for their various needs. Fingerprinting is available during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), except on City holidays.

Residents must supply their owns cards; the City charges $15 per card for the service. To have your fingerprints taken, come to the Police Department's administrative office. That office is located on the second floor of City Hall, 3800 University Blvd. 

Crime Victim Information
Members of the University Park Police Department are committed to the fair, compassionate and sensitive treatment of victims and witnesses of crime. We will help ensure that victims and witnesses are afforded reasonable protection and they are provided appropriate information to assist them with coping and recovering from the effects of crime.

For more information on:
  • Obtain a copy of the police report
  • Add information to an existing police report
  • Domestic Violence Information
  • Protective Orders

Some of the services offered by the University Park Police Department include:

  • Communications personnel serve as a 24/7 point of contact for information regarding victim/witness services offered by the University Park Police and provide referral information for services offered by other organizations within the surrounding area.  Telephone: 214 363-3000
  • Assistance with property return after legal requirements have been satisfied
  • Assistance in filing Crime Victims’ Compensation claims
  • Information on your case and the investigation and court process
  • Transportation to shelters or other safe locations
  • Information and referral to community services

Texas laws defining crime victim rights and a list of state-provided services.

Helpful Phone Numbers/Contacts
Genesis Women's Shelter: 214-946-4357
Suicide & Crisis Center: 214-828-1000
Dallas County Prosecutor: 214-653-3600
The Family Place: 214-559-2170
Salvation Army DFW: 215-637-8100
PC Hope - Mental health services for HPISD students and the Park Cities community
Prescription Drug Disposal
University Park residents now have a secure, convenient,  and environmentally friendly way to dispose of unused, unwanted or accumulated prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  The University Park Police Department has installed a MedReturn disposal box at City Hall.  The box is located inside the building’s 24-hour entrance (3800 University Blvd.) next to the City’s 911 call center.

This free service is the result of collaboration between UPPD, the Dallas Area Drug Prevention Partnership and the Alliance on Underage Drinking.  All three entities are working to keep old prescription drugs out of the hands of those suffering from addiction.  Those who dispose of their drugs using this drop-off method are also helping to reduce the volume of medications that find their way into area waterways and landfills.  Funds to purchase the box and a burn barrel were obtained through the Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse, in partnership with the Texoma HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) task force.
When you visit City Hall to dispose of your medications, carefully follow the instructions that are listed on the top of the MedReturn box.
  • Remove all medications from their containers, and place the pills in the plastic bags that are provided
  • Pills only -- no liquid medications or inhalers
  • No needles, syringes or lancets
How to Dispose of “Sharps” Safely 
“Sharps” is a medical term for items with sharp points or edges that can puncture or cut skin.  Examples include needles, syringes, and lancets.  Every year University Park sanitation workers are injured by sharps that are improperly discarded.

Do not use the MedReturn disposal box for these products.  Instead use strong plastic containers including bleach bottles or liquid detergent bottles to safely dispose of sharps.  These containers have small openings with caps and lids that fit tightly and secure the sharps inside.  When the container is full, tightly secure the lid and reinforce it with heavy duct tape before including it in your trash for collection.  

If you are interested in soliciting (selling door-to-door) in University Park, please complete our Permit for Solicitors and present it in person to Police Administration at:

City Hall
3800 University Blvd.
University Park, TX 75205

You will need:

  • $50 non refundable application fee*
  • Completed application form

* Permit fee is waived for nonprofit organizations.  Please contact the Police Department at 214-987-5355 with any questions.


Permit for Solicitors

Valet Parking Permit

In 2007, following concerns about the lack of parking in the City’s commercial areas, the City Council passed Ordinance regulating valet parking on the public right-of-way in commercial areas. The ordinance is not applicable to residential areas.

Now, those who wish to provide valet parking for their customers or clients must obtain a permit from the University Park Police Department. To obtain the permit, operators must fill out an application. The completed application must have the signature of the business owner and the owner of the property where vehicles will be parked. Operators must also demonstrate that there is adequate private lot space (and that permission has been obtained to use the lot) to valet park all vehicles for the business(es) served.

The cost of the annual permit is $100. A copy of the operator’s permit must be displayed at every valet parking operation site.

In a circumstance involving a non-recurring special event, a temporary valet parking permit for a period of operation not exceeding two calendar days can be issued. The cost of a temporary permit is $50. A temporary permit cannot be issued to the same applicant more than four times a year.