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DirectAlarm-(1)The City of University Park Police Department has offered this unique service for residents since 1999. We provide the monitoring of home and business alarm systems directly from the Police Dispatch Center at 3800 University Blvd.

To provide the Direct Alarm Office with new contact information, or to notify the office of your decision to cancel Direct Alarm service, please use the following email address: 

Specific questions or concerns about the Direct Alarm program can be emailed to:

Lt. Keith Burks
Email Keith Burks

Keith Niette
Email Keith Niette

This information explains how to join the growing number of subscribers to police monitoring of home/business alarm systems. Residents and business owners should note that all active alarm systems are required to have a permit on file with the Police Department.

If you do not wish to sign up for Direct Alarm service, to satisfy the City permit requirement, click on Step 1 and fill out the necessary information. To sign up for Direct Alarm coverage, click on Step 2 and fill out the necessary information.

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New Alarm Service

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Existing Direct Alarm Service

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City of University Park Direct Alarm Advantages
  • The Police Department receives your alarm signal directly, rather than through a third party, for a faster response.
  • The Police Dispatch center has your emergency information on file.
  • Yard signs and window decals, which advertise that your home alarm system is monitored by the Police Department, are available to our subscribers.
Two Levels of Alarm Monitoring Service Offered:
  • Alarm monitoring by telephone line only ($25 per month - includes permit renewal)
  • Alarm monitoring by telephone line and backup cellular radio alarm ($32 per month - includes permit renewal)
Advantages of Cellular Alarm Radio Monitoring
  • A cellular alarm radio system is not dependent on telephone lines for communication with the Police Department.  If the telephone line should be out of service, a radio signal will still get through.
  • Alarm monitoring by cellular alarm radio provides a higher level of protection, as it is independent of the telephone line.
  • With a few exceptions, your present alarm system can be reprogrammed by one of our qualified alarm company contractors for monitoring by the City.  If you desire a high level of protection, a cellular alarm radio can be installed.
  • If you presently don't have an alarm system, one of our contractors can install a system for you with or without the cellular radio alarm.
  • Some burglars cut telephone lines prior to entering a home. With a cellular radio alarm, cutting phone lines does not defeat the alarm system. Your signal will get through with or without a telephone line.
  • A cellular radio alarm provides a high level of redundancy, which enhances communication under the most adverse conditions. The additional fee is $7 a month.
Voice Over IP  "VoIP" and Alarm Monitoring

To view or download an article (The Arbor -- May 2008) on VoIP considerations for homes protected by a security alarm monitoring service, click here.
To view or download the contents of a flyer published by the False Alarm Reduction Associations that has additional information about VoIP and home security systems, click here.