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Fence Requirements

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  • Any person erecting, moving, repairing or replacing more than 25% of any one side of a fence, wall, screen, or retaining wall within the City of University Park, must first obtain a fence permit at the Community Development Department at 4420 Worcola, Dallas, Texas 75206, 214-987-5419.
  • Plans and specifications must be submitted to the Community Development Department with the appropriate permit application form.  Any application for a permit for retaining walls in excess of three (3) feet in height must be accompanied by a detailed drawing of the construction of the wall as well as being signed and sealed by a professional engineer.
  • The Community Development Department must inspect all fences, walls, screens or retaining walls upon completion.  It shall be the duty of the permit holder to call the automated inspection request line successfully requesting an inspection within three days after the work has been completed.
  • Fences, walls, screens or retaining walls may be constructed of wood, masonry, concrete, wrought iron, or chain link.
  • Under NO condition shall fences, walls, screens or retaining walls be constructed of BARBED WIRE, RAZOR RIBBON, SHEET METAL WIRE MESH, AND/OR ELECTRICALLY CHARGED MATERIAL.
Prohibited Locations
  • No fence, wall, screen or retaining wall shall be constructed upon or caused to protrude over any public right-of-way or easement.
  • No fence, wall, screening or retaining wall, shall be constructed or allowed to remain in a position which will cause an obstruction or interference with the minimum sight line standards defined in Article 12.01.012 of the City of University Park Code of Ordinances.
  • Fences and/or walls SHALL NOT be constructed in the front yard, past the front wall of the main structure.
  • Automated driveway gates with access to a swimming pool are NOT ALLOWED.
Height Requirements
             For single family, duplex, and multi-family dwelling districts, the following restrictions shall apply:
Rear Yard
  • Any fence or wall constructed along the rear property line where such property line adjoins an alley easement, shall not exceed (8) eight-foot in height.
  • New fences shall be offset from the property line sufficient to allow for the installation of public utilities (i.e., water meters, utility poles, etc.) along its right-of-way without interference with the alley pavement.
  • A minimum of (3) three deep by (5) five feet wide, unobstructed inset for trash receptacles must be provided on all new fences abutting an alley.
  • A larger inset may be required if additional trash cans are added
Side Yard
  • Where a fence is erected along a side lot line between properties, such fence or wall shall not exceed (8) eight feet in height.
Swimming Pool Enclosures
  • A minimum six-foot tall fence or wall shall completely enclose the swimming pool, spa, or hot tub.  It shall be constructed so as to not allow children to climb over such fence and/or wall and where nothing more than a (4) four-inch sphere can pass through/between pickets or wrought iron member.
  • All gates in a fence or wall enclosing a swimming pool, spa, or hot tub, and leading into the pool, spa, or hot tub area, shall be single type, personnel gates not exceeding forty-eight inches (48") in width, shall be:
              i) equipped with self-closing and self-locking devices capable of keeping such gates securely closed and 
              locked at all times; or
              ii) equipped with self-closing and self-latching services installed on the gate at least (54") fifty-four inches
              above grade
              Double gates, sliding gates, or automated gates across driveways or parking areas shall not be considered
              as meeting the requirements of this Section.
Construction Fences
  • A minimum six-foot fence is required around all new residential construction sites.