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1. How do I get parking restrictions on my block?
2. How do I report a damaged traffic signal, school zone flasher, or a regulatory sign (I.e., stop sign)?
3. Why doesn't the "walk" pedestrian light at signalized intersections stay on long enough for me to cross the street?
4. How do I get a stop sign installed at an intersection?
5. Will the city install speed humps in the street along my block?
6. Will the city install speed humps in my alley?
7. If I have a problem with visibility at the intersection of my alley with the street, what can I do?
8. Will the city close my street for a block party?
9. Does the city install "children at play" signs?
10. Who do I contact if my streetlight is burned out?
11. Who do I contact if trees or shrubbery are blocking the view of a stop sign?