UP 3-1-1

University Park 3-1-1The City's 3-1-1 service is your around-the-clock source for information about City services, operations and local events. 

One of only a handful of Texas communities to provide residents with this level of assistance, University Park decided to establish a non-emergency 3-1-1 Information Line, in part, due to the results of an extensive community survey that found that residents favored the idea. 

When should residents use the 3-1-1 Information Line?

Callers who dial 3-1-1 will get immediate answers to questions about trash pick-up and removal, pot hole repairs, water meter problems, curb and gutter repairs, traffic sign maintenance, standing water reports, animal control situations, fees, citations and other common inquiries.  In addition, 3-1-1 call takers are also a good source for information on numerous upcoming local events and activities.   

While call takers have direct computer access to City Codes and other City reference materials, if they are unable to satisfactorily answer a question or, if the question requires special expertise, they will work with the caller to find the best resource or City contact.  Callers should note that this line is not for emergency situations.  As always, 9-1-1 should be dialed to alert police and fire personnel.  

Please note:  Some cell phone users and residents with phone service provided by Voice-Over-Internet programs may have to dial 214-987-5496 in order to reach the City’s 3-1-1 service.

Who will answer the 3-1-1 Information Line?

During the work day, the 3-1-1 Information Line is answered by administrative personnel from the City’s public works department.  At night, overnight and on the weekend, 3-1-1 calls are routed directly to the police and fire dispatch center.  Unless they are working with an emergency, dispatchers will answer the 3-1-1 line immediately.  Whatever the time of day, when all of the call takers are busy handling inquiries from other people, 3-1-1 callers will be informed by a recorded message to wait for the next available attendant.