The Arbor - November 2005

November 4, 2005

University Park installs new park information signs

In the film classic "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," as the Pinkerton posse relentlessly pursues Butch and Sundance up the mountainside, both Butch and Sundance repeatedly ask, "who are those guys?" 

For the many University Park residents who've spent time enjoying one or more of the City's eight large parks - Burleson, Caruth, Coffee, Curtis, Germany, Goar, Smith, and Williams - and may have silently pondered a similar question concerning park namesakes - your wait is over!  Over the next few weeks, Park personnel will install two brightly colored signs in each of the eight parks.  The signs also feature general information and reminders about:

•  hours of operation
•  tennis court and picnic space reservations
•  pet clean-up and leash requirements
•  trash can use
•  alcohol restrictions
•  restrictions on hitting golf balls   

In addition to being decorative and informative, the park signs are the latest example of projects that maintain or improve the attractiveness of the City with attention to architecture, parks and entranceways, a key component of the "Strategic Goals" adopted by the City Council.  

There’s still time to let us know what you think! 

Like most of your neighbors, do you find yourself running out of time at the end of the day?  While we're sure that happens to you with some frequency, we'd like to add a quick item to your "to-do" list.  So that we can serve you better, if you haven't already done so, can you squeeze in 10 minutes to let us know how we're doing? 

Last month, inside your utility bill, we included a resident survey to get feedback on City services and communications.  Since the survey is self-addressed and stamped, you can return it by mail.  If you'd rather, the survey can still be completed online using a password that is printed in red on the top of the survey form.  Not that the clock is ticking or anything … but we will be compiling results soon! 

Asphalt repaving project brings "dragon" to UP

A fire-breathing dragon has come to University Park, but unlike many of its literary cousins, this "dragon" is good for the environment and for the streets that lead to and from home. The City has contracted with Cutler Repaving Inc. to resurface several residential streets where existing asphalt has worn thin or potholes have developed.  The project, which began late last month, will continue, weather permitting, through most of November. Commonly called "in-place" asphalt recycling, this type of targeted resurfacing is beneficial for several reasons:

•  it preserves existing pavement materials
•  it is cost effective
•  it reduces environmental impact
•  it provides better long-term pavement performance                      

It's also important to note, since the dragon machine can repave an entire block in about half-a-day's time and drivers can use the new surface immediately after repairs are made, public inconvenience is held to a minimum.

The resurfacing process:

First, a rotomiller prepares the roadway by removing one to two inches of existing asphalt near curbside.  This creates a defined edge for resurfacing. Residents should note, rotomilling will be completed 1-3  

weeks ahead of actual resufacing.  Once the dragon machine - technically known as a heater-scarifier -  is put into position, it slowly passes over the surface of the roadway.  Heating the surface to 350°, the machine simultaneously lifts the remaining material away, blends it with new asphalt, and lays down a refurbished driving surface. 

Impacted residents should note:

To operate effectively, the dragon machine needs 14 feet of clearance.  With this in mind, a week prior to resurfacing a particular block, the City is sending tree trimming notices to all impacted households.  By City Ordinance, tree limbs or branches below the 14-foot level cannot extend into the street and must be trimmed.  The City has also prepared and will distribute a door-front flyer with information about the repaving process.  And, because resurfacing extends to curbside, no-parking signs will be posted just prior to the beginning of construction.  Once signs are posted, residents will be asked to park off the street from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
Click here to view the entire list of streets that will be resurfaced, block-by-block.  As resurfacing progresses, the list will indicate which blocks have been repaired and the order in which remaining resurfacing will occur.  

UP's Trees for Town Program -
Residents keep it "growing"

University Park's logo, forest-green in color, features an oak leaf in its center.  For decades, trees have helped define the city's image and character.  Beautiful tree-lined streets, abundant green space, and medians planted with seasonal color - every day, nature's wonders add to an environment that's perfect for an evening stroll, a picnic in the park, or a morning jog.  For $100 a tree, University Park residents can add to this "leafy legacy" by participating in the City's Trees for Town program.  Planted in front or side parkways (the grassy area between the sidewalk and curb), residents can choose the tree's location as long as it doesn't cause a sight obstruction.  Six tree varieties are available for purchase: Cedar Elm, Chinquapin Oak, Crepe Myrtle, Live Oak, Shumard Red Oak and Mexican White Oak.

All six tree varieties are container grown, have approximately two-inch diameter trunks and stand 8-10 feet tall.  Although the trees are not guaranteed, to help keep the survival rate high, all are hand-picked by the City's Arborist.  As part of the purchase price, the City's Park Department plants each tree.  While ongoing tree care is the resident’s responsibility, the Department provides each resident with information on how to maintain the tree.

Tree planting begins in mid-November and will occur in the order in which applications are received.  The deadline to purchase trees for the 2005-2006 planting season is December 31st.  For more information on the program and to download an application form, access the City's Web site click here.  Or, call the Park Department at 214-987-5488.

Now that the leaves are falling please remember …  

City Sanitation Dept. crews will only pick up brush, grass clippings and leaves in City approved yard waste bags.  These biodegradable bags, with the City's logo on the front, can be purchased at City Hall, the Peek Service Center, and several area supermarkets.  A bundle of five costs $4.00, including tax.  That price covers the City's cost for collection and disposal of this material.

Also …

Pet owners -- don't place your dog's waste in someone else's trash container.  Not only is this discourteous, it is against City Ordinance.   

University Park City Hall will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday November 24 and 25, 2005.

Thanksgiving  Sanitation Collection Schedule
Regular Route
Mon - Thur
Tues - Fri

Holiday Route
Mon - Fri
Tues - Sat