The Arbor - January 2005

January 3, 2005

Happy New Year!
New Year Greetings from the Mayor

On behalf of the University Park City Council, I would like to wish all residents a happy and prosperous New Year.  This past summer, D Magazine ranked University Park the number one suburb in the Dallas metro area.  We are very proud of this ranking and are happy to share with you many other moments that made 2004 a remarkable year.

The Public Works Department has continued to make improvements throughout the city, including curb and gutter repairs and utility replacements.  The Lovers Lane project from North Central Expressway to Hillcrest, begun in early 2004, has progressed on schedule.  Recently the Council approved work on the section of Lovers from Hillcrest to Thackery.  The entire Lovers Lane project will be completed just before school starts in 2005.  The Fire Department made improvements to increase the City's Public Protection Classification. This not only increased the safety of University Park residents, but also helped lower homeowners insurance for many. 

The City's new Park Director, Gerry Bradley, has implemented many park improvements.  New playground equipment installed in Smith Park just this fall is a great example.  Progress has been made on the Northwest Parkway screening wall from Airline to Turtle Creek.  The Council approved the project this year and construction should begin late 2005.  Finally, City Hall renovation plans are under way.  With the help and insight of numerous University Park residents, the plans for renovation now include improvements to Goar Park.  The "Rebirth of Goar Park" will include a water feature with babbling brook from the gazebo to the creek, a water fountain, and an overlook for observation and fishing.  Construction is set to begin this spring.

The City's annual report will be published in February and will outline ongoing and new City projects.  It will be provided online for residents to review.  As always, we encourage residents to become involved and communicate with your City officials.  We look forward to the New Year with even more accomplishments as we continue to serve and meet your needs.

-Mayor James H. "Blackie" Holmes, III

University Park Honors Employees of the Year

The City of University Park honored its outstanding Employees of the Year on Friday, December 17, at the annual employee holiday luncheon.  The recipients of the honor this year were Jennifer Patrick, Administrative Employee of the Year; Dave Rogers, Labor Employee of the Year;  Al Rosales, Police Officer of the Year; and Scott Green, Firefighter of the Year.  They were recognized for maintaining an outstanding level of excellence in the workplace and providing a high standard of customer service to citizens. 

Jennifer Patrick is the Building and Zoning Assistant and has been with the City a year and a half. Dave Rogers is the Traffic Division Supervisor and has been with the City since 1993.

Police Officer of the year, Al Rosales, has been with the City since 2001. Lieutenant Scott Green is a Firefighter and Paramedic and has been with the City since 1996.

Department Directors at the City of University Park are proud of their staff's dedication and congratulate them on their nominations and honor.

Capital Improvements Update

The following is a list of current and upcoming capital improvement projects.  The map below illustrates the projects listed.


2004 Curb and gutter and concrete repairs.  Remaining locations, in order of anticipated construction.
"Amherst (3700-4000 blocks)
"Stanhope (4100 block)
"Preston (5900-6300 blocks)

Lovers Lane pavement reconstruction and storm sewer improvements from east of Willard to Thackery. The pavement from east of Willard to Durham is complete. The remaining construction will occur January though October 2005. Storm sewer improvements are currently being completed from Hillcrest to Dickens and will be finished in January 2005.


Water, sanitary and storm sewer improvements and alley and street paving projects.  Estimated start date is February 2005.  Locations are:

"Centenary/Marquette Alley (3200-3300 blocks)
"Colgate/Caruth (3200-3400 blocks)
"Caruth Blvd (3200-3300 blocks)
"Greenbrier/Southwestern (3200-3300 blocks)
"Hillcrest Avenue (7700-7800 blocks)
"Caruth Park Parking Lot
"Stanhope/Shenandoah Alley (4100-4300 blocks), (Fall 2005)

Street overlay using in-place recycling of asphalt pavement.  This project will occur in summer or fall of 2005. Exact dates to be determined later in the year.  All streets included in the 2004 curb and gutter repair project will be overlaid under this project. This will correct any drainage problems caused by the new curb and gutter.  The overlay process includes milling of existing asphalt (approximately one work day) and in-place recycling of remaining asphalt (approximately one work day).

Please contact Jennifer Shell, Civil Engineer, at 214-987-5403 if you have further questions.

Yard Waste

Sanitation Crews will only pickup grass clippings and leaves if they are set out in City approved yard waste bags (see picture below).  These brown Kraft paper bags have the City logo affixed to the front of each bag, and can be purchased at City Hall or local supermarkets.  The  bags cost pays for collection and disposal of the yard waste.  This places the cost of the service on those who use it.