The Arbor - February 2005

February 3, 2005

City Council Adopts Strategic Goals

At the December 14, 2004 Council meeting, the City Council adopted six Strategic Goals for the City.  Council and staff developed the Strategic Goals at a workshop October 7 and 8, 2004.

In 1989 residents and City officials completed the University Park Master Plan, a community wide effort to help direct the city into the 21st century.  The new Strategic Goals  serve as a renewal and refocusing of the City's earlier Master Plan. 

Staff has created a matrix-style report to chart the progress of goal achievement.  Staff will provide Council with a quarterly status report on the goals.

A permanent link to the Strategic Goals can be found on the City website.  To view a more detailed version of the University Park Strategic Goals, including the objectives, click on "City Council and Administration" on the homepage, then "Strategic Goals" on the left hand side.  The preliminary responsibility matrix presented to Council is also posted on the website and will be updated quarterly.

University Park Strategic Goals

1. Traffic Flow and Parking:  Improve traffic flow and parking while acknowledging limits to potential solutions.

2. Commercial Vitality:   Redevelop commercial areas with an emphasis on Snider Plaza and Miracle Mile.

3. Sense of Community:  Enhance our sense of community which values the importance of the common good over special interests.

4. City Aesthetics:  Maintain and improve the attractiveness of the City with attention to architecture, parks, and entranceways.

5. Proactive Communication:  Communicate effectively with residents via different forms of media to promote the City's image.

6. Service Delivery:  Commitment to excellence in city services, such as improved infrastructure, strong public safety, and financial stability.

Construction Update
Alleys in the northeast section of University Park

The City is continuing to correct drainage problems in the northeast portion of town by improving the storm sewer system. Construction in the areas listed below will occur from February 2005 to October 2006. Water, sanitary and storm sewer, and alley and street paving will be reconstructed.  The Caruth Park parking lot and Hillcrest Avenue will also be reconstructed (from the Greenbrier/Southwestern alley to Caruth Blvd) .  Each alley will take approximately  five months.  Notices will be distributed via door hangers with the project's start date,  and contractor information, as well as project updates as construction progresses.

Please contact the Engineering Department  at 214/987-5403 with any questions.

Specific Locations
-Centenary/Marquette Alley from Airline Road to Hillcrest Road
-Colgate/Caruth Alley from Airline Road to Turtle Creek Blvd.
-Caruth Blvd. from Airline Road to Hillcrest Road
-Greenbrier/Southwestern Alley from Airline Road to Hillcrest Road
-Hillcrest Road from Caruth Blvd. to Greenbrier/Southwestern Alley
-Caruth Park Parking Lot 

Rain sensors required on all new irrigation systems

At the January 4, 2005 Council Meeting, Council approved an ordinance to require rain sensors on all new irrigation systems in the City.  The new ordinance is not retroactive, which means that all irrigation systems installed before January 4, 2005 are not required to have sensors.

As stipulated in the water conservation requirements set forth by the State of Texas, cities must implement regulations that reduce unnecessary water usage by irrigation systems on all properties.   The City's Code of Ordinances currently requires that a freeze sensor be installed on all new lawn sprinkler systems to prevent such systems from operating during freezing conditions.

The rain sensors prevent lawn sprinkler systems from operating when it is raining or  when a measurable amount of precipitation is present. This requirement satisfies the State's conservation requirements in addition to saving University Park residents money on their water bills from unnecessary irrigation.

Any questions can be directed to the Building and Zoning Department at 214/987-5411.

Reminders from the Sanitation Department

1. Yard Waste. Sanitation crews will only pick up grass clippings and leaves if they are set out in City approved yard waste bags.  These brown Kraft paper bags have the City logo imprinted on the front of each bag and can be purchased at City Hall or local supermarkets.  The  bag's cost pays for collection and disposal of the yard waste.  This places the cost of the service on those who use it. 

2. Residential Recycling Program.  Residents can use blue plastic trash bags or recycling bins to recycle the following items:  Newspaper, junk mail, catalogs, magazines, glass bottles, plastics (PET 1 and 2), tin cans, aluminum cans, and empty aerosol cans.  Place the blue bags or bins beside your trash cans (highly visible) for collection.  Recyclables are picked up once weekly on a scheduled route. 

3.  Disposal of Hazardous items.  Call the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center at 214/553-1765 for directions, hours of operation, and more specific information on disposal of household hazardous waste. The use of this drop off center is FREE to UP residents.   

4. Placement of Loose Brush for Collection.  Place loose brush on the parkway for collection .  The parkway is the area between the sidewalk and the curb in front of your home.  Loose brush is picked up once weekly on a scheduled route.  A separate fee is charged for this service and is based on the volume picked up.  The fee is added to your utility bill.

5.  Collection of Bulky Items.  Large bulky items (such as washers/dryers and refrigerators) are collected on a call-in basis.  There is a $15 per item charge for this service.  All fees are added to your utility bill.

6.  Trash Cans. Now is the time to check and verify that your trash cans conform to the City Code of Ordinances.  Make sure that you have a sufficient number of cans to hold your trash, that they are no larger than 32 gallons each, and that your lids are attached to a permanent structure (fence, garage or stake) by means of a chain,  or cord.

7. Alleys. Don't forget to check your alley area for overgrowth on a regular basis.

Call the Sanitation Department at 214/987-5451 with questions or service requests, or visit the City's website at

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