The Arbor - April 2005

April 4, 2005

City Hall Renovation to begin after July Fourth Holiday

The first phase of City Hall renovation, construction of the box culvert,  will begin after July 4, 2005.  City officials felt that it was important not to disrupt the annual  Fourth of July parade and festivities in Goar Park. The Turtle Creek improvements will require closing University Boulevard to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic at Turtle Creek for several months.  Additionally, grading for the fountain and water feature in Goar Park will require closing some of the area between the gazebo and the creek for a similar period.  None of the work will impact use of Goar Park's soccer/play fields.

Since the conceptual plan was approved last year for the City Hall and Goar Park improvements, the City has been working with three engineering and architecture firms to coordinate the detailed project design and construction planning.  As with any undertaking involving multiple parties, this has been a challenging and complicated task.

The first step will be to establish interim utility services, install temporary sidewalks, and remove trees identified in the proposed plan.  Construction can then begin on the drainage improvements to the Creek and Park.  Once the Creek improvements are completed, work on the addition to City Hall will commence.  When the addition is completed, the Fire Department will move to its new facility and all operations in the old part of the building will relocate while the existing City Hall is remodeled.  This process will require that public access is maintained to police and finance functions and that our emergency dispatch center continues to operate at all times.

The City Council and staff are committed to building the project as promised and as economically as promised. Feel free to contact any City Council member or the City Managers office with any questions you may have.  We ask for your patience during the construction. 

Lovers Lane to Open Four Months Ahead of Schedule

Lovers Lane from Thackery to US 75 is scheduled to be completely open by July 2005, weather permitting. The City announces this schedule change as a result of speeding up the pavement construction directly in front of University Park Elementary School.  City staff and the contractor determined that the reconstruction initially scheduled to begin in front of the school in May could start at the end of March.  University Park staff met with UP Elementary school administration to discuss safety measures and concerns with starting construction while school is still in session.

We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.  Questions about the project can be directed to the Engineering Department at 214-987-5403.

To recap the situation:

-Lovers Lane from Dickens to Hillcrest    should be open by the end of April.

-In the same period, Hillcrest should be open to four lanes of traffic.  However, Hillcrest will remain a four-way stop in order to leave the crossing guard at Amherst for the UP Elementary School students.

-By July 2005, Lovers Lane from Thackery to US 75 should be completely open, weather permitting.

Thinking of holding a GARAGE SALE?

Garage sales may be held two days per year per household. Hours are not to exceed 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Sales may be held in the backyard, garage, patio, or driveway, but not in the parkway or front yard.  A sign not to exceed two square feet maybe placed on the premises during the hours of the sale only.  Placement of signs on public property, including utility poles, parkways, and park land, is prohibited.  Up to two personally owned cars may be offered for sale in one calendar year.  New merchandise may not be acquired for resale.