The Arbor - December 2004

December 2, 2004


Need a great gift idea?  Consider a gift that gives and gives back!

The University Park Civic Foundation is accepting donations for park amenities to include benches, family-engraved stones, and playground border stones.  So what better time than Christmas to make this donation a gift under the tree?

Border stones and family-engraved stones make great gifts for teachers and coaches, while benches make a great gift for an entire family.  Your gift and donation will make a wonderful addition to any park for future generations to enjoy.  For information on how to make this donation a gift, please call Kathleen Mashburn at City Hall, 214-987-5316.  The city will try to set all stones that are ordered as presents by Christmas.  If weather does not permit, the city would be happy to deliver the gift in the form of a holiday card with a description of the park location and engraved stone or bench. 

Dont miss out on this chance to give a wonderful, unique holiday present!

New holiday decorations
brighten City streets

In an effort to expand the holiday decoration program, the University Park City Council approved funding to support phase I of a holiday banner program at Snider Plaza.  The pilot program for holiday banner installation (installed on the decorative light poles at the plaza) is an attempt to provide additional seasonal color to street corridors within our community. If the banner program is recognized as being successful by University Park residents and the business community, the city plans to expand the program to incorporate major street corridors and key intersections at gateways into University Park.




The University Park Police Department recently received a grant to provide additional officers for enforcement of safety belt violations and speed violations.  The grant will allow the department to deploy officers during the upcoming holidays for the special enforcement effort.

Through education and enforcement, the department hopes to make drivers aware of their speed and encourage drivers and passengers to use their seatbelts.  Ultimately, a reduction in accidents and injuries, especially during the busy holiday season, is the goal. 

The high-profile enforcement process is made possible through a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation and   the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Captain Robert Brown is administering the grant and stated that he anticipated citizens' voluntary compliance in observing the speed laws and use of vehicle occupant restraints (seat belts and child car seats) to help University Park have a safe and happy holiday season.

Information from the Sanitation Department

Christmas trees that are free of plastic, tinsel, ornaments, lights and  stands can be sent to the compost facility.  Trees should be placed in the front, on the parkway for pickup on scheduled refuse collection days.  There is no charge for pickup if set out by January 7, 2005.  After that there is a $7.50 charge for pick up.  If you have any questions, please call the sanitation department at 214-987-5451.

Holiday collection schedule
Christmas Day
Saturday, December 25, 2004

Regular Route     Holiday Route
Mon - Thur           Mon Only
Tues - Fri             Tues Only

New Year's Day
Saturday, January 1, 2005

Regular Route     Holiday Route
Mon - Thur           Mon - Wed 
Tues - Fri             Tues - Thurs

Going away for the holidays?
Call the UPPD for a vacation
home watch.

Make sure your home is safe while you are out of town this holiday season!  Call the UPPD to sign up for a vacation home watch.  Staff will record the dates you will be out of town, obtain an emergency phone number and a list of those who will be on your property while you are away (i.e. maid or lawn service).  Patrol officers will check your residence at least once a day while you are away.  Call non-emergency dispatch at 214-363-3000 to sign up.





Fireplace Cleaning Time

Before you begin to use your fireplace or wood-burning stove this winter, take the time to have your fireplace chimney or flue inspected and cleaned.  As the wood burns inside your fireplace or wood burner, the combustion process produces solid by-products that build up in your chimney or flue pipe.  The only way to get rid of this buildup is through regular cleaning.  Regularly cleaning your chimney or flue will ensure safe operation of your fireplace or wood burning stove.

Holiday Safety Tips

The University Park Police Department would like to encourage you to practice good crime prevention when shopping this holiday season.

-Remain alert in parking lots. Don't carry so many packages that you aren't aware of your surroundings and personal safety.

-Stay in well-lighted and well-traveled areas. Pay attention to people walking in front of and behind you.

-Scan the area surrounding your vehicle both when you park and when you return to your vehicle.

-Have your vehicle key in hand and ready when walking to your car.  Visually check the back seat of your vehicle before opening the door and getting in. Lock your doors immediately after entering the vehicle.

-When loading your purchases into your vehicle, place your purse in the vehicle first, so it's not in the cart while your back is turned.

-Immediately report suspicious persons and activities to police or store security personnel.


From the City of University Park Staff