UPPD Reminder - Lock your vehicle, take your key fob

May 16, 2019

Earlier this week, in the overnight hours, two vehicles were stolen from the front driveway of a residence in Highland Park.  Highland Park Public Safety was able to track both vehicles.  With the assistance of the Dallas Police Department, three suspects were apprehended.  Despite the positive outcome, this incident highlights a trend reported across the country.  Drivers are inadvertently helping thieves by leaving their key fobs inside vehicles that operate with keyless entry and ignition systems.  Making matters worse, these vehicles are often left unlocked.  
Take these simple steps to help UPPD keep your neighborhood safe.
  • Always lock your vehicle
  • Store your key fob in a safe place away from the vehicle.
  • Remember - hiding the key inside your vehicle does not prevent theft – if your vehicle unlocks by touching a door handle, the thief has easy access from the outside
  • When you park for the night, take valuables like wallets, purses, jewelry and laptops with you 
Note from 2018 UPPD Crime Statistics
Reported auto thefts rose from nine in 2017, to 40 in 2018.  In more than half the cases, victims told officers they left a key fob or ignition key in the vehicle.