Motorized scooter use near the SMU campus

February 13, 2019

Motorized scooter use near the SMU campus

Following a request from SMU, its student body president and student senate, the City Council has approved the use of motorized scooters on specific streets and sidewalks adjacent to campus. This is a trial program.  In June, City staff will provide Council with an update on compliance by users and scooter company providers. 

  • Scooter users must be at least 18 years old
  • Scooter users cannot leave boundary areas
  • Scooter companies must use geo-fencing so that scooters will not operate outside boundary areas
  • Scooters will be programmed to travel no more than 10 miles an hour
  • SMU will publicize guidelines to students and faculty

Since it is private property, scooter use on the interior of the campus is regulated by the University and not the City.  Motorized scooter use is still prohibited on streets and sidewalks in the rest of University Park.  

Single red lines indicate sidewalks where scooter use is allowed. Double red lines indicate streets where scooter use is allowed.