Utilities Construction - Park Plaza Project

April 5, 2018

Portion of Haynie now open to two-way traffic 

Roger's-O'Brien has reopened a section of Haynie near the construction site, having finished another phase of underground utility work associated with the Park Plaza development.  Now motorists can access Haynie from Hillcrest.    

Excavation Work and Increased Truck Traffic near Snider Plaza  

Truck traffic has increased at the southern edge of Snider Plaza.  This traffic is part of excavation work for the Park Plaza development on the corner of Hillcrest and Daniel.  This work involves inbound and outbound truck traffic on Hillcrest, Daniel and Haynie.  Site excavation is expected to take several weeks.  Throughout this activity flagmen will always be present to guide trucks in and out of the construction site.  Motorists are reminded to stay aware of traffic control signage on and near those streets.  

The Park Plaza project involves the construction of a mixed-use development, featuring office space, retail shops and restaurants at the corner of Hillcrest and Daniel. 

Rendering - North elevation as seen from Daniel Ave.  

For construction-related issues, Rogers O'Brien can be reached at 469-906-2080.