Security Camera Installation Tips

September 29, 2018

Tips for installing security cameras on your property

University Park’s Community Camera Program provides residents with the opportunity to assist the Police Department’s crime fighting efforts by granting access to home security cameras. Registering for the Community Camera program is easy and can be done here.  

Whether you opt to participate in the program or not, if you plan on installing security cameras on your property, here are some tips to ensure that your cameras are positioned in the most beneficial locations:
  • An exterior facing camera with a street or alley view is recommended
  • Other recommended views are the front door, back door and entrance to the backyard
  • Special cameras with zoom capability are recommended to capture license plates on vehicles
  • Outside cameras should be placed at a high level to prevent being damaged or tampered with by a burglar 
  • Consider nighttime outdoor lighting or night vision security cameras 
  • Be mindful of your neighbor’s privacy and do not point cameras into backyards or living spaces 
  • Doorbell cameras are very popular and offer close up views of people at your front door