Oncor Tree Trimming southwest portion of UP

August 6, 2018

Contractors for Oncor will be trimming trees near power lines in the southwest section of University Park for about a three week period beginning Monday, August 13.  See below for a map and list showing where trimming will occur.  Homeowners close to the work areas should have been notified by Oncor of the upcoming effort.  

Trees that grow near power lines pose a serious safety risk and are one of the top causes of power outages each year, along with lightning and wildlife.  Service interruptions caused by trees are more than an incon­venience.  They can endanger lives through the failure of life support systems, fire alarms, and traffic signals. Power out­ages can also be very costly, especially to commercial and in­dustrial customers.

Under Texas law, Oncor may prune or remove trees that interfere with the reliability and integrity of electrical service within their service area. When this happens, Oncor follows generally accepted industry guidelines and best practices.  State law also gives Oncor the authority to go onto residential property to conduct their trimming efforts.  Learn more about Oncor's tree trimming practices.

Trimming locations:
  • Douglas/Druid to McFarlin (west side)
  • Lomo Alto to Mockingbird
  • Alley between Glenwick & Emerson bordered by Armstrong & Douglas
  • Alley between Emerson & University bordered by Armstrong & Westchester
  • Alley between University & McFarland
    • Bordered by Lomo Alto & Westchester
  • Alley between Drane & Stanhope Avenue
    • Bordered by Dallas North Tollway & Armstrong
  • Alley between Potomac Ave & Mockingbird Pkwy
    • Bordered by Dallas North Toll & Armstrong