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October 19, 2018


Northwest Highway Water Tower - Antenna Installation

In the past couple of weeks, residents may have noticed increased activity at the Northwest Highway water tower site as AT&T crews began installation of new cellular antennae and screening.

Installation of the cellular antennae was approved by Ordinance at the June 5, 2018 City Council meeting. The antennae will be attached to the sides of water storage column below the bowl and concealed from view by stealth screening, similar to the Watauga tower in the photo below. Weather permitting, the installation process is expected to last between two and three weeks.   

Once completed, AT&T expects improved cellular coverage for residents in the north and northeast sections of University Park. 

Project FAQ's
  • When was this project approved?
    • In April 2018, the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of creation of a Planned Development District to allow cellular antennae to be installed on the Northwest Highway water tower. This recommendation came after a series of public hearings.
    • On June 5, 2018, the item was approved by City Council following another public hearing. Through the public hearing process, AT&T provided data showing compliance with all applicable FCC regulations.
  • Were other sites considered?
    • AT&T considered alternative locations north of Northwest Highway and east of US-75, but these locations were not effective in improving cellular coverage for the northeast section of University Park. After an extensive search, AT&T indicated the existing water tower was the only location that met performance objectives in the Northwest Highway/Hillcrest neighborhood.
  • Will the antennae be visible? No, a stealth collar will be installed to screen the antennae and radio equipment.

Electric scooter use is prohibited in UP

During the past couple of months, electric scooter use has been on the rise in University Park due in part to a pilot program launched in Dallas. This has prompted residents to call City Hall with questions about their use. 

Anyone who drives through the community is aware of our narrow streets and alleys, the abundance of vehicles parked curbside and the poor sight lines that result from these conditions. In 2009, to safeguard against serious accidents and injuries, the City Council decided to add language to our Code of Ordinances that prohibits the use of motor-assisted scooters on all public streets, alleys and sidewalks.  In recent weeks, UPPD officers have been giving warnings to electric scooter users.  In the aftermath of this reminder and recent posts on the City’s social media platforms, electric scooter users are likely to be ticketed.  Violators are subject to a municipal court fine of $136.

If you see rental electric scooters positioned on street corners and sidewalks and you want them removed, call the City at 214-363-1644 or dial 311.


October 2018 Update

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