Utilities Construction - Park Plaza Project

October 10, 2017

Rogers-O'Brien has begun relocating and replacing existing utilities on Daniel, Hillcrest and Haynie.  After additional consultation, the effort to relocate and replace existing utilities for the Park Plaza Project is beginning on Daniel, not Haynie.

Throughout this multi-stage effort, it will be necessary to temporarily close sections of the streets, lanes and intersections.  Utilities construction will take approximately 18 weeks.  Weather permitting, utilities work on Daniel (shown in the map in orange) will take 5 weeks.  Motorists should stay aware of signage and detours as they change with the flow of progress.  As work progresses, the City will assist Rogers-O'Brien with posting specifics on how each phase of the work will impact traffic and parking in the area.  

The Park Plaza project involves the construction of a mixed-use development, featuring office space, retail shops and restaurants at the corner of Hillcrest and Daniel. 

The zoning and concept plan for this project has been approved.  The City's Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council have also approved the project's detailed site plan concerning specifics on building materials, landscape design and other details to ensure compliance with the concept plan.

While utilities work continues, the developer is working with the City's Community Development Department concerning the issuance of a building permit.  The Park Plaza Project is slated for completion in fall, 2018.

Rendering - North elevation as seen from Daniel Ave.  

Project Contacts:

Donnie Tidwell