Park Plaza Project

May 12, 2017

Summary of April 20 Snider Plaza Stakeholders meeting

In conjunction with the City’s recent purchase of property near Snider Plaza, on April 20, 2017, a roundtable meeting of Snider Plaza stakeholders was held to update participants on the current parking situation and solicit their input regarding parking issues and solutions.  The roundtable, attended by property owners, business owners and interested citizens, was facilitated by Karen Walz, Principle of Strategic Community Solutions.  

Based on the input received, there are several areas identified that need further study and input. City staff is recommending that a subcommittee consisting of representatives from the Snider Plaza property owners, business owners and members of Council be appointed to study the items identified and develop recommendations for consideration by the City’s Commercial Advisory Committee and the City Council.  That recommendation will be considered by the City Council during their May 16 meeting.  

Click Here to review the workshop summary.  Click Here for May 16 Council Agenda.

May 10 - Demolition of vacant properties has begun

Demolition of vacant properties on Haynie St. starts May 10

Although no dates have been finalized for demolition of the old Chase Bank Building, and the City has not received a detailed site plan for the Park Plaza Project, there is activity on the City-owned lots west of that site.   

On Wednesday, May 10, Rogers-O’Brien Construction, in conjunction with Intercon Demolition, began the demolition of vacant properties located at 3424, 3428, 3432 Haynie St.  This demolition will take approximately two weeks to complete.  During demolition, crews will be using excavators to tear down the structures and a loader to load the 100-yard tractor trailers that will haul debris from the worksite.   

Traffic Control Measures

Prior to work getting underway, a traffic control plan was submitted to the City.  Trucks will enter the worksite from Daniel, then load and exit from Haynie, turning onto the southbound lanes of Hillcrest.  For the safety and well-being of the public, during demolition and debris removal a mesh chain-link fence will remain in place around the worksite, and flagmen will direct truck and public traffic.  All construction personnel will park onsite.  They will not use parking at Snider Plaza or surrounding streets.  During demolition the western 1/3 of the existing parking lot will be used to house demolition-related equipment. 

The demolition site is the area shaded in the aerial image below: 


Snider Plaza Stakeholder Workshop - Thursday, April 20

Meeting Update:

Nearly two dozen stakeholders attended the April 20 roundtable.  See a summary of the workshop at the top of this page.

Snider Plaza stakeholders are invited to attend a facilitated roundtable workshop to discuss the City’s purchase of property on Daniel Avenue for potential Snider Plaza employee parking.  The workshop will take place on Thursday, April 20 at Park Cities Baptist Church, beginning at 6:30 p.m.   Stakeholders should RSVP to

City Council gives staff approval to proceed with purchase and closing of Daniel/Haynie properties

During its March 21 meeting the City Council gave staff approval to proceed with the purchase of the Daniel/Haynie properties, and the scheduling of a closing date. 

In the coming weeks, staff will schedule additional meetings with the Commercial Retail Advisory Committee, and schedule meetings with Snider Plaza business and property owners to gain consensus on the concept of constructing a below grade parking facility.

City to negotiate for purchase of property in 3400 block of Haynie

At its December 20, 2016 meeting the City Council directed staff to negotiate a contract for the purchase of property in the 3400 block of Haynie for an underground parking facility near Snider Plaza, just to the west of the Park Plaza project site.

The property has a total area of 22,500 square feet and would involve two and a half lots.

  • 3424 Haynie (half-lot)
  • 428 Haynie
  • 3432 Haynie 

These vacant properties (shaded in red) are currently zoned for multi-family and have structures that are in disrepair.  SPC Hillcrest LP owns all of the properties.  In negotiating a sale price for the properties the City may require an appraisal of these lots or decide to determine the value of the properties through recent sales in the area.

Dallas Morning News article on purchase of property

2016 City Council/Planning and Zoning Commission Actions on project 

City Council Meeting - Oct. 18 - approval of "Park Plaza" project

The City Council has approved an ordinance for the redevelopment of property where the old Chase Bank building sits.  The vote was 4 to 1.  The Park Plaza project involves the demolition of the existing building on the corner of Hillcrest and Daniel, and the construction of a mixed-use development, featuring office space, retail shops and restaurants.  

Prior to approving the ordinance, the City Council made several amendments to the document.  The ordinance caps the development at 119,000 square feet, down from the previously proposed 127,880 square feet. The ordinance stipulates that the office tower cannot exceed 86 feet in height, a reduction from the recently proposed height of 95 feet. The building will have six stories, reduced from a proposed seven stories.

The project will have 626 total parking spaces, with 136 spaces at or above-grade and 490 below-grade for tenants.  The ordinance calls for those 136 parking spaces on the grade and above-grade levels to be free-of-charge for the first hour. There will be a $3 charge for each hour or part of an hour for those slots after that.  The maximum height of the western elevated portion of the parking garage will be 31 feet on both Daniel and Haynie sides of the project.

When the Planning and Zoning Commission approved the project on July 12 the office tower had a maximum height of 114 feet, was seven stories and totaled 127,880 square feet. 

Council Meeting Video.  Discussion on the Park Plaza project begins at the 7:30 mark.  

Park Plaza Ordinance - adopted Oct. 18

Conceptual Plan - October 27

This Conceptual Plan was submitted to the City's Community Development Department on October 27. It incorporates the amendments (size and height reductions) the City Council made to the Ordinance that was adopted on October 18.  The City Council ratified this document during their November 1 meeting.  

The Park Plaza Project was subject to public hearings in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission  during June and July 2016.  Public hearings in front of the City Council began in August 2016.  The hearing process continued until ordinance approval on October 18.