City achieves ISO Class 1 rating for fire protection

November 8, 2017

The City of University Park and the Town of Highland Park have both achieved an ISO Class 1 rating, the highest Public Protection Classification (PPC) awarded by the Insurance Services Office (ISO).  According to the latest ISO report, less than one percent of municipalities in the United States reach a Class 1 rating. 

ISO is a New York-based advisory organization that serves the property and casualty insurance industry by providing inspection and statistical services.  This Class 1 rating means that both communities enjoy a level of fire protection that is second to none.  Additionally, as a result of the classification homeowners and businesses in the Park Cities will continue to have comparably lower property insurance rates. 

Throughout the nation, ISO classifies communities on a 1 to 10 scale.  To earn the highest rating, municipalities must demonstrate they possess the best systems for water distribution, fire department equipment, firefighting personnel, and fire notification dispatch facilities. During trips to University Park and Highland Park site reviewers considered our proactive approach to fire personnel training, the City’s fire training center, our automatic assistance agreements, our robust commercial building inspection programs, and recent upgrades to our infrastructure, water supply, fire apparatus, and communication centers. A Class 1 rating cannot be achieved without cooperation, dedication and commitment from staff throughout a municipal organization.  In this instance, personnel from both communities worked together to reach the desired result.

The Class 1 rating for both communities is effective on December 1, 2017.