Cable Television

University Park is provided with cable television service by Charter Communications and AT&T U-verse.  Although cable companies in Texas must obtain a statewide franchise, since 2005 they are not required to have agreements with local governments.  Other than Charter and AT&T U-verse, many other companies provide cable services to University Park (Voice Over Internet firms, Satellite Dish providers).  Because of the variety of options and fee structures, the City does not provide a list of companies.   

While University Park does not impose special requirements or regulations on cable operators, the City can act as an advocate for residents in cable matters and can sometimes assist in resolving disputes.  Customers experiencing problems with cable service provided by Charter or AT&T U-verse should contact them directly:

Charter Communications

AT&T U-verse

Following that contact, if a problem remains, residents may contact the City by dialing 3-1-1.