Williams Park

Williams Park

Park Amenities

  • Lighted Tennis Courts
  • ADA Compliant Playground with Rubberized Surface
  • Picnic Facilities
  • Fishing Lake
  • Walking/Jogging Trail
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Williams Park is located across the street from City Hall and Goar Park.  On March 6, 1939, City Commissioners voted to name the park in honor of Mayor Elbert Williams and his son Duval.  Their diligent work in developing and beautifying the park has provided generations with many hours of recreational pleasure.  Mayor Williams served University Park from 1938 to 1942.

Williams Park has many features, including a playground, plenty of open space for a small soccer field, and a double tennis court.  The tennis courts are lighted and outfitted with fiberglass practice backboards.  A fishing pier is located along the east side of the tennis court.  The Turtle Creek pond is brimming with catfish and bass and the natural setting also provides a nesting place for numerous species of waterfowl.  Located on the McFarlin Boulevard side is a small peninsula.  The peaceful sound of the waterfall can be heard as Turtle Creek gently cascades on its journey to the Town of Highland Park. Across the pond is a breathtaking view of the floating fountain.  This fountain was dedicated in honor of Leland Nelson, University Park resident and City Manager from 1970 to 1991.

There are no rest rooms available at this park site.