Park Donation Project

The Park Donation Project is a community-based effort that seeks private donations to fund park improvements. All donations are deposited in the University Park Civic Fund (UPCF). The UPCF is a not-for-profit, charitable corporation affiliated with the City. It was created to provide residents and others a charitable pathway to assist with projects generally outside the scope of City capital projects. All donations made to the UPCF are tax deductible.

Individual and group donations are being sought for this project:

Put Your Mark on the Park – This program supports the purchase of playground equipment and park amenities like park benches and tables and drinking fountains. Donations are recognized through the placement of an engraved border or family stone. For a major donation of a park bench, a large inscription stone is placed in front of the seating area. This gift is a memorable way to honor someone special and provide seating for park visitors.

Please call 214-987-5488 if you have additional questions.

Put Your Mark on the Park brochure