Park Reservations

Park Reservations

The parks are available for events such as birthday parties and picnics. Park reservations require a security deposit and a land use fee. For events over 200 guests, a formal request must be submitted in writing and approved by the City Council.

Reservation Rates: Park Events (excludes Goar Park)
Security Deposit (Refundable) $250
Land Use Fee - Based on Number of Guests (Non-Refundable)  
1-25 Guests $25
26-50 Guests $50
51-99 Guests $100
100-199 Guests $200
200-299 Guests $300
300 + Guests $500
Goar Park Reservations
Security Deposit (Refundable) $250
Land Use Fees - Based on Number of Guests (Non-Refundable)  
1-50 Guests $100
51-99 Guests $200
100-199 Guests $300
200-299 Guests $400
300 + Guests  $500
Hourly Rental of the Gazebo (Non-Refundable)  
University Park Resident $30/ HR
Non-University Park Resident $60/ HR

Bounce Houses

Bounce houses and other inflatables are allowed in the parks provided that the following guidelines are met:

  • Users MUST obtain a reservation permit and indicate that a bounce house/inflatable will be used during the event.
  • Bounce house users are responsible for providing a generator to inflate the bounce house. The city DOES NOT provide electricity.
  • Water slides or any inflatables using water are not allowed. 
  • Adequate adult supervision must be provided at all times to ensure safe levels of operation. 
  • All inflatables must be free standing and may not be staked, tied or tethered to trees, tables, or other park amenities. 
  • Motor vehicles/trailers are not allowed on park lands, on turf, or on walkways. 
  • Bounce houses may not be set up if the fields have been closed due to wet conditions. 
Failure by the permit holder to adhere to these guidelines will result in the immediate removal of the bounce house from the park, loss of the paid security deposit as well as denial of future park reservations. The permit holder is responsible for any and all damage caused by their use of the park and/or bounce house.

The City recommends that park reservations be made at least two weeks in advance. For questions or reservations, please call the Parks and Recreation Department office at 214-987-5488.