Not Guilty Plea

Bench Trial

You may plead Not Guilty in open court and request a jury or bench trial (judge trial).  When requesting a bench trial, you waive your right to a jury trial. Clerks will set a trial date and notify the arresting officer. The Judge must remain impartial; therefore you may not discuss details pertaining to your case with the Judge until the trial date.  However, you may speak with the City Prosecutor regarding your options.  In the event you are found guilty, you may not request defensive driving or deferred disposition. The guilty verdict will simply appear as a conviction on your record.  Once judgment is entered, if you wish to appeal the judgment, you will have ten days to file an appropriate appeal bond.

Jury Trial

Municipal Court jury trials are more elaborate and time consuming.  Both parties usually have formal legal representation.  Pre-trial hearings are held before setting a trial date.  For more information, call University Park Municipal Court at 214-987-5331.