Red Light Enforcement

To improve traffic safety and reduce collisions at high traffic intersections, the City of University Park implemented a Red Light Photo Enforcement Program in 2006. 

‚ÄčRed Light Camera Locations

Three City intersections are equipped with Red Light Camera systems. They are located at the intersections of Lovers Lane and Dickens, Lovers Lane and Preston, and Hillcrest and Daniel. 

Civil Citation Issued

After a violation has occurred, the registered owner of the vehicle will receive a $75 civil citation.  The citation includes photos of the violation, and details how the vehicle owner can view video of the violation.  The citation does not go against the  owner's driving record, but nonpayment can prevent renewal of that vehicle's registration. 

View Violation Video & Pay Fine

  • To access the video or make a payment, click here.
  • Video remains online for 60 days from the date of the violation. (To complete payment, you will must have the city code (UNIVPK), the citation number, and the vehicle's license plate number)
  • For information about payment options, click here
  • University Park Municipal Court does not accept or process Red Light Camera violation payments. 

Right to a Hearing

You have the right to contest the imposition of the civil penalty during an Administrative Adjudication Hearing. To schedule a hearing, mail the Request for Hearing coupon or contact the RedFlex Customer Service Center by phone at 972-422-7900. Hearings are held by appointment only in the University Park City Hall courtroom. City Hall is located at 3800 University Blvd, University Park, Texas. 

RedFlex Customer Service Center 
972-422-7900 or 1-866-527-9470
1200 Commerce Drive
Suite 117
Plano, TX 75093

The RedFlex Customer Service Center office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cash, check, money order, Visa and Mastercard are accepted when paying your bill in person.