Fire Training Center

FireTrainingComposite-(1).jpgOpened in June 2012, the four-story structure is located next to the City’s water tower on Fondren Avenue.

Outfitted with a burn simulator to replicate true fire conditions, the facility helps City firefighters maintain proficiency, meet state-mandated continuing education requirements and continue the City’s favorable ISO fire suppression rating.

In the past, although the City had a fire tower and could conduct basic drills, department personnel and equipment had to travel to Collin College Fire Training Facility in McKinney for most of their ongoing training and certification. In addition to limiting training frequency, the use of an out-of-town site resulted in rental fees and overtime pay. Now, UPFD personnel train while on duty.

Training exercises conducted at the facility include:
  • Fire attack/search and rescue
  • Forcible building entries
  • Building ventilation techniques
  • Aerial ladder operations and high-angle rescues
To view video of firefighters conducting a fire attack, click here .
To view video of firefighters ventilating a roof, click here .
To view video of firefighters conducting a roof rescue, click here .
To view video firefighters conducting a rope rescue, click here .