Fire Personnel



Randy Howell Fire Chief/Paramedic  8 Years of Service            
Shane LeCroy Assistant Chief/Paramedic   29 Years of Service
Margaret Corn Fire Marshal 8 Years of Service
Phyllis Mahan Administrative Assistant 8 Years of Service
Brandon Ferguson Battalion Chief/Paramedic 5 Years of Service
Mark McAdams Captain/Paramedic 17 Years of Service
Dustin Lewis Lieutenant/Paramedic 7 Years of Service
Earl Starnes Driver/Engineer/Paramedic 18 Years of Service
Casey Graves Driver/Engineer/Paramedic 6 Years of Service
Billy Bounds Firefighter/Paramedic 14 Years of Service
Jacob Herron Firefighter/Paramedic 13 Years of Service
Scott Rattan Firefighter/Paramedic 2 Years of Service
Matt Kelton Firefighter/Paramedic 2 Years of Service
Stewart MacDonell Firefighter/EMT 1 Year of Service
Scott Green Battalion Chief/Paramedic 20 Years of Service
Matt Milner Captain/Paramedic 9 Years of Service
Jared Erwin Lieutenant/Paramedic 4 Years of Service
Paul Falkenhagen Driver/Engineer/Paramedic   18 Years of Service
Ryan Hartley Driver/Engineer/Paramedic 15 Years of Service
Devin Penny Driver/Engineer/Paramedic 15 Years of Service
George Jones Firefighter/Paramedic 18 Years of Service
Joshua York Firefighter/Paramedic Hired 2016
Lewis Harrington Firefighter/EMT Hired 2016
Terry Fowler Battalion Chief/Paramedic 15 Years of Service
Joe Watkins Lieutenant/Paramedic 10 Years of Service
Stewart David Driver/Engineer 36 Years of Service
Michael Couch Driver/Engineer/Paramedic     12 Years of Service
Blake McCollom Driver/Engineer/Paramedic   4 Years of Service
Jason Salisbury  Driver/Engineer/Paramedic   18 Years of Service
Brad Zwaska Firefighter/Paramedic 9 Years of Service
Denton Garcia Firefighter/Paramedic 2 Years of Service
Shaun Jackson Firefighter/EMT Hired 2016